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  • Just wanted to say thank you for making a product that actually works!! One month now and I have my confidence back!
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  • Kenzie A.
  • Skin + Digestion
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  • One month! My hair does not grow ever... but these have been incredible.
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  • Brittanny W.
  • Hair + Energy - 30 Capsules
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  • My partner and I couldn't believe they actually worked and that they worked this quickly!!
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  • @champagne__kiki
  • Hair + Energy - 60 Capsules
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  • I have endometriosis, and suffer from severe flare ups. Detox + Debloat has this completely under control and taken away the discomfort!
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  • Chantelle S.
  • Detox + Debloat
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  • So much new hair! Meant to be losing hair after bub! Top pic is before use, after pic is 4 months later, 3 months of Hair + Energy tablet.
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  • Erin M.
  • Hair + Energy - 90 Capsules
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  • No filter, just JSHealth Skin + Digestion 💖
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  • @melamay
  • Skin + Digestion
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Hair + Energy

Our best-selling hair growth formula is designed to boost your hair length, volume and shine, strengthen your nails and give you a natural energy lift... It's unlike any other hair growth vitamin on the market.

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Vitality X + Collagen

Our 10 chosen ingredients to support your skin, hair and nails, digestive health, energy, and vitality! Vitality X + Collagen contains the purest source of high-quality, hydrolysed collagen, 1.5x more powerful than other collagen products!

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