We're doing our bit

As a company, we believe in the power of giving back and take this very seriously. 

We have carefully selected charities to donate to on behalf of the JSHealth community and customers. Giving back is very close to our founders' hearts.

We understand the importance of taking care of our community and preserving our environment, and work towards this every single day. Giving back is at the very core of JSHealth. We have made significant donations over the years to businesses, charities and schools to do our bit in creating a better world and providing support where it is needed most. 

We thank you for making a true difference to people's lives. 

Supporting Health Workers

We have donated JSHealth Vitamins to nurses in the ICU sectors at various Sydney hospitals (including RPA and Sydney Children’s Hospital), to support our nurses by helping to maintain their energy levels, and provide stress relief and sleep support, especially during the intensity of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are committed to provide continued support to healthcare workers, as a token of our gratitude.

Bushfire Relief Donations

During the recent devastating bushfires in Australia, JSHealth donated funds to both the Red Cross and Wires, to support the suffering wildlife and communities in need. We are grateful to our own community for getting behind our initiatives and sharing so much love for the cause on social media.

Building of Medical Centre & School Facilities in Africa

Founder of JSHealth Vitamins, Jessica Sepel, recently funded the building of a classroom and medical clinic in a remote village of Kenya after visiting the community. One of the teachers spoke of how the children desperately needed both and Jessica felt a strong calling to help.

Previously, these children had to travel 3 hours just to access medical assistance, whereas now they have direct access to medical care on campus whenever they need it, along with more facilities and equipment for their education and learning. The teachers were also given new mattresses to support a restful sleep so they can continue to provide the amazing work they do each day.

Sponsorship of Children’s Studies in India

Jessica Sepel and her husband, Dean sponsor two young students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Bangalore, as they complete their education in India. They currently attend Shanti Bhavan, a free school providing education to those who could not otherwise afford to attend school.

These two students are passionate about pursuing studies in medicine after school. Jess has funded their university fees to support them through their medicine degrees, and ensure they have the best possible opportunities in the future.


JSHealth is committed to always doing better for our environment. We continuously push our manufacturers to think outside the box and create better solutions for all of our products. All JSHealth Vitamins bottles are recyclable in your normal household recycling and we use environmentally friendly high-tech packaging materials wherever possible. We use glass packaging to house our skincare range, which is endlessly recyclable. The use of these renewable sources of bio-plastic along with FSC-certified card and sustainable vegetable inks greatly helps to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We have mainly vegan products and ensure that any marine-sourced ingredients (fish oil, marine collagen and kelp) are certified by sustainable bodies and work with natural cycles to minimise ecological harm. 

JSHealth pledge to always work toward new solutions that allow us to be more sustainable and conscious of our precious Earth and her resources.

Friends of the Sea Certified

We support the Friends of the Sea mission to protect the oceans for future generations. Our Fish Oil+ uses the highest quality fish oil from sustainable fisheries globally. It is proudly Friends of the Sea certified, ensuring our products are not contributing to unsustainable fishing practices, hindering conservation efforts, or compromising the health of our oceans.

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Share the Dignity

During JSHealth’s annual digital event, Menstrual March, 10% of all Menstrual Bundles sold were donated to Share the Dignity, who are doing important work to end period poverty for women in need, support Indigenous menstrual health in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and make a real difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or doing it tough. As a women-lead company, it gives us so much joy to support people with periods, and help those who need a bit of extra support around that time of the month. 

We have successfully run our Menstrual March initiatives and donated for the past 2 years, in both 2021 and 2022, and look forward to continuing this as tradition for years to come.

2022 Australian Flood relief

Our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted by the floods and to the incredible people volunteering on the ground in the disaster zones.⁠

Lismore Floods Good Night Sleep Appeal | This fundraiser is dedicated purely to helping people who have been through so much to get a restful, peaceful and comfortable sleep and bring a sense of home back into their lives.⁠

Giv It | We donated to a man who was recently released from hospital and then came home to lose everything due to the floods.⁠

Love Deep Flood Initiative | We've also donated 200 JSHealth products to the Love Deep Flood Initiative to help nourish those affected by the floods, as well as our team collecting essential items to send to affected communities in the Northern Rivers who need it most.⁠

JSHealth Soup Kitchens in Africa

This just shows how one company can make a real difference to lives.

Our JSHealth soup kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa at Salt River High School 

is feeding precious children whose parents lost their jobs during covid - and genuinely could not afford food to nourish themselves. 

We have helped them to create veggie gardens, where they gather the home grown veggies to make healthy nutritious soup for the school kids. This hopefully will allow for a sustainable source of food and potentially an income in the future.

An email update:

“I wanted to send you some photos of the soup kitchen operating to update you.

 At present the 33 orphaned children are receiving their meals daily at school, as well as being given a cooked meal to take home every night. We are also sending them home with food parcels on the weekends to ensure that they are well nourished. These parcels will contain in essence bread, filling such as peanut butter or jam, fruit, vegetables, a protein and water"

You can of course help too:

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