Nourish your health and confidence from the inside out.

Created with care and led by science is the ethos that underpins everything Jessica Sepel does. Her biggest inspiration is her purpose to help our community reclaim the sense of wellness and confidence everyone deserves. 

Three times best-selling health author of The Healthy Life, Living the Healthy Life and The 12 Step Mind Body Food Reset, Jess’ philosophy on sustainable, accessible, balanced and enjoyable wellbeing offers the world a refreshing and supportive way to live their best lives.

As a child and teenager, Jess had an innate love for vitamins and supplements, which grew stronger into adulthood. From day one of the JSHealth blog and continuing today, Jess has always been very in touch with her community and truly listens to the health goals and requests they share.

Jess is passionate about following both her heart and the research. She is an advocate for the way that carefully chosen quality ingredients, such as nutrients and herbs at specific doses, can support health and beauty from both the inside and out. 

“The first two ingredients are always care and science.” - Jessica Sepel


At JSHealth Vitamins, our team of experts are committed to developing and providing formulas based on specifically selected ingredients, knowledge and care for our community.

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