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"I didn’t quite believe the reviews of your vitamins... but after taking them, all I can say is WOW. I was extremely tired and fatigued all of the time despite living a healthy lifestyle... but now combined with your vitamins I can say my energy is back!!!! I even left the office for a run today because I wasn’t plagued by the sluggish feeling I’d become so accustomed to. I feel like me again! So thank you 😘"
"Honestly, I didn't expect natural vitamins to be as effective as it has been. I have had thin hair all my life and since taking these vitamins over the last 2 months, my hair feels softer and more visibly thicker. My nails are also more stronger and healthier too. Thank you for creating this wonderful product and making it available to so many"
"I am a cancer survivor and have never seen my hair this healthy! It did not take long at all to grow my hair out from being completely bald to where I am at now. I started taking your vitamins about 6 months ago and WOW! Just wow! Thank you! You truly are an angel!"
"I have been using your hair + energy vitamins for nearly three weeks, my hair is growing so quick I no longer look like a natural blonde! I have at least an 5cm of growth from my scalp and hair itself feels thicker and stronger. I have very fine hair, but lots of it. I struggled with hair loss during ED, and since then it has improved but NOTHING like in the last few weeks. Cannot wait to share before and afters. Thanks for formulating a phenomenal product"
"Took my my very first JSHealth Vitamin today and I am amazed at how fast they work. For months my energy levels have been at an all time low and I would crash mentally and physically in the afternoon. It is almost 9pm here in Adelaide and I am still doing my University work. I still feel mentally and physically amazing and have no doubt it’s all thanks to the beautiful vitamins you have created. Thank you ✨"
"Sooo update on my first raving reviews above, I saw my hairdresser for the first time in maybe 3 months last week, and she almost died when she saw my hair! She couldn’t stop laughing out of shock, I think her exact words were ‘where the heck did all this hair come from!?’ She’s been doing my hair for over 10 years. Needless to say she’s now a new customer of your vitamins 😂 A few months of your vitamins have clearly made a world of difference, thank you lovely 😊 😘"
"My mother and I have been taking these amazing vitamins for 2 weeks and the results are amazing. My mother suffers from joint problems and ever since she’s been taking these she has stopped her prescription medications!!!! Amazing product definitely continuing! Ps my hair feels healthier and thicker 😍"
"It's been 3 weeks on these magic pills and I've noticed big differences! My hair hasn't looked and felt this healthy in years!! Even my hairdresser yesterday was saying that it feels thicker! I've always had fine hair, but the past few years my hair has been falling out and it has been at its worst with breakage and split ends. BUT NO MORE, thanks to your pills!!!"
"I love these vitamins. I have very fine hair and I can definately feel the difference. My hair dresser was skeptical but he has cut my hair twice since I have been taking JSHealth vitamins and he said my hair looks like it has more volume and holds its shape better. Love love love them!"
"Massive thank you for creating these magic pills 💫. After having a baby and many sleepless nights these pills have given me the energy to get through the days without relying on endless cups of coffee. My hair is also much thicker, stronger and shinier. Lots of new baby hair growing everywhere too!!!! Love, love, love these pills 💛 The best investment I given myself in a long time 👌🏻"
"I have struggled taking vitamins and always gave up! Your vitamins are the first vitamins I have been able to swallow and take without any stress. I have now invested in the monthly subscription of the JSHEALTH vitamins because they work! I am taking the vitamins- WIN! I am seeing great results- WIN! And I am happy investing in my health with your vitamins- WIN! Thank you!"
"Hi Jessica, I had a visit to my hairdresser today, last time I seen her was 7 weeks ago just before I started your vitamins. She was in shock from how much my hair had changed in just 7 weeks. My hair had grown quite a lot so I had a lot more regrowth then I normally would. I have very curly fuzzy hair which is a lot of work to straighten but tonight when she did it, it was smoother and easier to straighten, more silky and less fuzzy and took her less time. Pretty impressed. Thank you"
"Been taking this for a week now, and already I feel I have more energy, especially in the afternoon after I come home from work! I can't wait to see what it's going to do to my hair!"
"I saw your vitamins a while a go and got hold of when a friend came over to South Africa - I have been dying to try them, they are considered "miracle vitamins" by my Australian friends... OMG... MY HAIR & ENERGY! I CANNOT believe how quickly it works! Thank you!"
"Massive thank you for creating these magic pills 💫. After having a baby and many sleepless nights these pills have given me the energy to get through the days without relying on endless cups of coffee. My hair is also much thicker, stronger and shinier. Lots of new baby hair growing everywhere too!!!! Love, love, love these pills 💛 The best investment I have given myself in a long time 👌🏻"
"Hellooo! I'm not usually one to send a message about a product I bought but these are so worth it! It's day four and I'm already noticing a difference in my energy levels I used to feel sluggish and sleep ALL THE TIME! Now I'm up and going and never feel tired plus my diet is actually better because I used to be so tired my eating habits weren't the best but now I'm eating better, exercising more! Thank you so much for these amazing vitamins!"
"I have been taking the vitamins for two weeks now and my hair feels so thicker and longer. In the first photo my hair was straightened. The second photo is my natural hair with a slight wave and it’s still longer. Thanks Jess these pills are amazing!!"
"These have literally changed my life! I’ve only been taken them about 3 weeks and my hair has literally grown 1 1/2 - 2 inches and it makes me so excited! On Thursday I’m chopping off about 3 inches to get rid of most of my split ends and I can’t wait to see how fast it grows again! Will definitely be taking progress photos this time. And not only that but I have so much energy after I get home from school in the afternoon, I used to feel so drained and have to take a nap but now I don’t have to"
"Hey beautiful Jess. I have been taking your hair and energy tablets for the last 4 weeks and my hair has never felt so strong and thick! It’s growing faster then it ever has and looks so much healthier and vibrant! Can’t thank you enough for producing this amazing formula! 💥 xxx"
"So I’ve been taking the hair and energy capsules for 2.5 months, and my hair has got so long. My friends were literally trying to pull it out over the weekend because they were convinced I had extensions in 😂💖💖💖"
"Just had to share that I ran out of the vitamins for two weeks and I noticed a huge different in my hair, it felt thinner. So I ordered the vitamins ASAP and have been taking them for about 5 days now and my hair feels AMAZING 😍😱🙏🏼 miracle product! ❤️"
"Hey Jess, I LOVE THE VITAMINS!! 2 weeks ago, before I took the vitamins, I felt so so drained after my day. I kept seeing peoples posts on Insta saying they felt amazing on the vitamins and hoped that I could experience what everyone else was... Now, I am!! Since taking the vitamins, I feel so much more energetic . I am able to come home and actually have energy to cook dinner! Thanks Jess ❤️"
"Jessssss omg! These pills are insane! They work wonders - my energy is at its best. I actually used to come home from work and take naps for hours ! Now it’s been 3 weeks and no naps!!! Ps. My boyfriend ordered some too! He even asked if I needed any more as he was buying heaps ! 😘"
"Love love love them 😍 I don’t know how it’s possible but it 100% does what it says it does! 3 weeks in and I’ve never had hair this thick. It should be called a magic pill!"
"I love them! They’ve made a huge difference to my general well-being, and I love what they’ve done for my skin. I had tried so many other methods to prevent my hormonal acne. These vitamins are the only thing that have worked. Thanks so much!💕"
"I’ve been taking your vitamins for about a month now and I went to lunch the other day and everyone couldn’t believe how long for hair was 😍😍 must be working. I don’t know if they are supposed to help with sleep but I’m an night owl and go to bed 12-1am and the last two weeks it’s been before 10:30!!"
"Oh I also meant to tell you! I’ve been taking the vitamins I think for about 4 weeks and I had the hairdresser on Thursday. I lost a lot of hair since January and I have thin hair and hair been horrible HOWEVER on Thursday night my hairdresser couldn’t believe all the new hairs I had coming through!!! xxx"
"My hair is longer and shinier!! So many people have commented. I've caught my husband taking them too haha, there is a little bit more hair growth in the baldy patches, and I had heaps more energy within the first 4 days of taking them, I definitely feel the difference when I accidentally skip one."
"Jess, you would never believe it.. About 2 months and my hair is so much thicker!! I straighten my hair everyday and have never had hair growth and I've had soo many people comment! ❤️"
"I reached out almost a year ago to give you positive feedback and I have a little more :) I started taking your vitamins on Monday (first week of term) and I feel like I’m on crack! I haven’t had my usual post-work slump and I’ve had SO much energy to work and exercise daily. I've also had a stable, positive mood with my kiddos all week.. and that’s a real win when you teach primary schoolers! So grateful ❤️ Almost can’t believe it 🙏"
"Hi Jess! I have been taking your vitamins for 3 weeks and I can’t believe how much my hair has grown already! I brush my hair every night and I swear it feels longer & thicker every night 😱😱😱"
"Really amazing! Energized like never before, happy about my hair that I thought nothing could fix, my thyroid is finally stabilized, my skin is better also and I don’t have pimples!!! Forever grateful for the JSHealth Vitamins you've created :)"
"I’m loving the vitamins! I seriously noticed a difference when I finished the last bottle I had. Normally I really struggle to wake up in the morning but since being on the vitamins I am wide awake as soon as my alarm goes off. I’ve always been a good sleeper but I’m finding I’m in a much deeper sleep and also not getting the afternoon 2/3pm tiredness. I posted on my Instagram about receiving my vitamins and my sister in law took a bottle from me because she has been desperate to try them. I will have to order some more ha!❤️"
"Feeling amazing everyday!!! And my hair is super shinier, thicker and growing like crazy!!"
"Just wanting to let you know how much I love the JSHealth Vitamins! I have been taking them for around 50 days now and really noticed the difference. I had so much more energy while taking them along with noticing my hair looking so healthy and thick also my skin looking so much brighter! I have had so many compliments the past month on how healthy my hair and skin look! Just wanted to say a big thank you!"
"Just a quick note to let you know I’ve been using the JSHealth Vitamins for a month and have had an incredible improvement in my skin and my energy levels 😘😘. People continually comment on my skin, it’s such a marked improvement!"
"I’m loving the vitamins! I seriously noticed a difference when I finished the last bottle I had. Normally I really struggle to wake up in the morning but since being on the vitamins I am wide awake as soon as my alarm goes off. I’ve always been a good sleeper but I’m finding I’m in a much deeper sleep and also not getting the afternoon 2/3pm tiredness."
"Yay!! I managed to get someone to bring me 2 bottles and I’ve just started taking them. It’s been just over a week and I can tell a huge difference in my energy levels. Just feeling happier, more energetic, clear minded and way less anxious. Thank you for creating these!! They are life changing!😱😱"
"I’ve been taking them consistently for almost two months and my hair is literally more shiny than ever. My hair felt like it was at a plateau in terms of growth and it’s growing fast now. Thank you for this wonderful creation! It was so difficult for me to find a supplement I liked that didn’t cause me to break out! I will keep purchasing!"
"I am absolutely loving them! My hair has grown and feels amazing, I am sleeping really well AND as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning instead of snoozing it I wake up alert and ready to go!"
"Hi lovely, I just wanted to write to you and let you know how well the vitamins have worked for me! I have always had thin short brittle hair that would have me in tears, it sounds silly but I just always wanted that long healthy bouncy hair that every girl around me had and now thanks to you, I do! Last night my friend came around and said wow I can’t believe how long your hair looks! I honestly had a smile ear to ear and felt super emotional, also my skin is super clear! Thank you, thank you!"
"I have so much more energy and my hair is super shiny. I have gotten a lot of my work friends (Virgin Australia) onto them too ☺️ with the shift work I do I don't find I'm needing to nap during the day anymore ❤️"
"I've been taking your Hair + Energy Vitamins for two weeks now and it has changed my life! I have so much energy! I use to always take naps during the day but I haven't since I've been takings the vitamins"
"JESS! I have been taking your vitamins for a couple of weeks now and I recently directed my first commercial. Two Day Shoot, early starts, long days, toddlers and and a dog... and I had so much energy!! Normally I would be struggling to keep up in general but somehow I was able to be my most positive and energetic self for the whole shoot. I smashed my first commercial gig and I'm so grateful for the extra energy I had to keep me going 😘😘😘"
"Hi Jess! I've been using your vitamins for only a week and have noticed such a difference in my energy levels and the shine in my hair!"
“Been on the jshealth vitamins for 3 weeks and I have had a haircut in between and I’m already noticing thicker, healthy hair! My mums a hairdresser and she gave me a cut one week in and commented on my hair looking better without knowing I was doing anything 💜”
"Omg!! I feel so happy! I just got complimented on my hair, that it's grown! It hasn't grown at all in like two years. 😱 a girl I work with has also started your vitamins now because they are honestly the best thing ever!!! THANK YOU for creating such magic! 💕"
"It is definitely awesome for energy, this is my second week and no 3pm slump which is awesome, the best part is everyone commenting on my hair and asking has it grown. Loving my new found energy"
"I forgot to take my vitamin yesterday and remembered at 2:30pm when my eyes became very heavy. I fell asleep twice on the way home! It was the first time since starting your vitamins, that I've felt this exhausted. Also my nails are so incredibly strong!! I normally peel/bite them which isn't possible now because they are that strong! The effects your vitamins have in my life are endless and so very evident! Thank you xx"
"I feel amazing!! My energy levels are crazy, my hair is so lush, long and strong, I'm generally just so much happier. Miracle vitamins. Thank you X"
“They are fantastic I can't believe how good I feel. No more 3 o'clock slump and my hair has never been healthier. It's also grown too which is awesome. I feel amazing and so much happier and confident within myself. Thank you. 😘 😘 will definitely be ordering again"
"Hi Jess, just wanted to say thankyou so much for all your time and effort you have put into encouraging each of us daily! I’ve been taking your hair and Energy tablets daily for 25 days and my hair barely falls out anymore! It has grown so much in such a short amount of time I can’t believe the results. My Energy has improved and rather than crashing at 3pm I have enough for an afternoon workout. Thank you for all your hard work in perfecting this supplement xx"
"Ok.....so when are your next orders going to be ready because I need to order some more? These vitamins are UNBELIEVABLE!! Not only is my energy at an all time high, my hair is starting to look better and is growing already and a massive plus, MY SKIN is FLAWLESS and no bags under my eyes! Huh! Miracle stuff. This morning I got up for 6am 🧘🏻‍♀️ and blitzed through it and now I’m on an hour walk in the ☀️ and feeling so ALIVE! 💃🏻 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 🙌🏻 x"
"Hi Jess, I have now been taking your vitamins daily for 4 weeks and I wanted to wait this long before I gave you my feedback so I could really see the change! My hair has always been brittle and dry and I have noticed it is a lot softer, manageable and thicker! I can’t wait to see what other changes happen in the next month as I was lucky enough to get the larger jar of vitamins! I will be sure to update you again after 2 months of taking the vitamin! Xx"
"Hi Jess, just wanted to say thankyou so much for all your time and effort you have put into encouraging each of us daily! I’ve been taking your hair and Energy tablets daily for 25 days and my hair bearly falls out anymore! It has grown so much in such a short amount of time I can’t believe the results. My Energy has improved and rather than crashing at 3pm I have enough for an afternoon workout. Thank you for all your hard work in perfecting this supplement xx"
"Amazing love them! I have taken all of my hair extension tapes out. My hair feels amazing! :) Yes would love more yay! So good"
"OH my goodness!!!!!!! Jess incredible!!! I’ve been in them for 3-4 weeks and early this week my hair felt smoother, and looked super shiny, then 3 people since have commented saying the same!!! It might have taken a few more weeks than others but wowzee!!!”
"Jess❤️! So I've been taking the vitamins religiously after breakfast (this Friday will be exactly 2 weeks). I was actually telling Livy how my skin has improved ever since I started taking the vitamins. I get very bad skin in my T section and specially my chin area and it seems to be clearing up. I'm going to continue monitoring it, but I've been really surprised already by its result. But I can hands down say my energy has already increased and I can not wait to see how I feel in another week!”
"I got the JS vitamins and I’m about a week in. I know you’ve heard this 1000 times already but seriously my energy levels have improved already. I’ve been incredibly low in Iron since I was 13 and even Iron supplements haven’t had this much on an impact on me. I’m usually too freaking tired to cook dinner but here I am! Eggplant parmigiana come at me 👊😊♥️"
"The vitamins are freaking amazing; holy crap. I usually have really bad crashes at work by 2-4pm but I’m still going til 8-9 which is fantastic; I can do all my assessment work 😍😍😍"
"I sleep better, wake up earlier and more alert and feel pretty ‘on it’ all day”
"Good morning Jess! 😍 I just wanted to share with you my amazing results since using your vitamins. I was so skeptical that they would work because I've had such horrible experiences or lack of results using vitamins/supplements before but not this time. My hair feels healthy and looks shiny but most of all I've noticed a huge difference in my nails. For as long as I can remember they've been brittle and would peel! After just 3 weeks they're strong, growing and no peeling at all!! I'm so happy ❤”
"Soooo good! it's been almost a month - I had instant energy from day one and I can't believe how much it helps get me through a shift at work and beyond!! And I'm starting to notice some changes in my hair 😍😍"
"Last year I was lacking energy, motivation and had issues with my hair thinning and hormonal breakouts. Now since these beauties I am up at 5am, I feel well rested, energised and can get myself to the gym. I'm noticing my hair is healthier and I can even see new growth coming through"
"I recently bought the hair and energy vitamins and seriously my hair is thicker! I had a baby 11 months ago and all that post part hair loss around my forehead is growing back rapidly!!"
"Your vitamins are amazing! I recently cut my hair shorter and regret it so much so had to try these and my hair has definitely grown faster!! It’s also so shiny! My nails are also growing so fast and look so much stronger. My energy levels have improved dramatically too! Literally life changing and won’t ever look back! Xx"
"I recently brought the hair and energy vitamins and seriously my hair is thicker! I had a baby 11 months ago and all that post partum hair loss around my forehead is growing back rapidly!! Thanks so much!!”
"Jess, my hair has definitely thickened up, it’s honestly crazy. It’s been 3 weeks"
"Hi Jess! Good morning from Minnesota, USA. I’m writing to say that my hairstylist was SHOCKED by my hair growth since my last visit with her, and she said that my hair has more “style-ability” and shine to it! I’ve only been taking the JSHealth vitamins for 2 weeks!!! My hair has always been slow growing, and prone to breakage, and I think you have created a solution for me! Thank YOU! 🙏🏼"
“1 week into the pills hooley Dooley I’m stunned can’t believe they actually work! WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS! I was telling my friends I wanted to get extensions because of my thinning hair but now I don’t need to. Can’t thank you enough”
"Hi Jess, I just wanted to let you know that I have been taking your vitamins for almost 3 weeks now and I have noticed a big difference in regards to my energy levels (especially in the afternoon). I have been feeling energetic the entire day and don't suffer from that afternoon slump anymore!! Yay!! 😀🙌 Thank you so much for this 'magic pill’ 🙏🙏"
"Ok sooo I have tapes in my hair, usually they get moved up every 8-10 weeks but my hair must be growing so quickly they only got put in 10 days ago and I think they’ll defs need to go up in a couple weeks😂😂 I started vitamins about the same time so must be them!! Thank gosh though because my hair was so ratty and never grew from being treated so much at work everyday!"
"Hi Jess, just want to let you know that you have practically saved my life. I have been battling constant fatigue since I had glandular fever late last year. 1 week into your vitamins and I’m feeling amazing - I started feeling better literally a few days of taking them I was so shocked! No more midday naps, better mental clarity and I’m bouncing out of bed again! Thanks to you I have my life back! Xx"
"I’m sleeping better. My skin is smooth and feels amazing. My hair has bounce and I feel full of spark and bountiful energy. I’m also feeling mentally awake and focused and actually concentrating on work with more focus. I didn’t get to finish ur 8 week challenge for various reasons but I am so motivated to finish renovating my mind and body to be an ever better version of me - a healthier, alert and energetic mum! I’ve or felt this good and energetic in a very long time!"
"Jessica!!!! I’ve been on the vitamins 3 weeks .., out for dinner last night and the only thing people asked me about was my H A I R .... your hair your hair.. so much volume..and these women have your cookbooks all over their houses. I said you know it - GET IT ✅✅✅"
“Your vitamins have actually changed my life! I have been consistently fatigued for 3 years after I changed careers from international flight attendant (with plenty of down time to focus on my health) to marketing manager / teacher / business owner (with barely a min to myself). I have had countless blood tests & tried every supplement under the sun. I’m now on week 2 of your vitamins - I wake up easier - I’m not yawning all day - Made it to the gym! - Smashing my 14hr work days with energy to spare. THANK YOU !!!"
"Just wanted to say a huge thank you! I've been taking the vitamins for 3 weeks and have seen a massive transformation with my hair. It is softer, shinier and it has grown quite a bit (which hasn't been happening for me). It looks and feels so much healthier and i am so beyond happy and thankful! I have also had so much more energy, I work with primary school children and start at 7am until 6 and was struggling to get through day, struggling to keep my eyes open at friday night dinner with friends or evening commitments and cancelling plans. This hasn't been happening anymore and i am beyond thankful! I'll say it again these vitamins feel like magic! I've loved them so much i got my mum some for mother's day too! thank you thank you thank you Jess!”
"YES way, and I KNOW it’s them bc NOTHING else changed in my routine. My nails are suddenly long and strong, someone asked if they were even real 😂 and I’ve been sleeping so much better at night 🤔 other bonuses are the hair volume (it’s really noticeable with super long hair when you suddenly have extra volume) and the daytime energy (we’ve been going on these huuuge hike excursions every weekend and NO energy crashes whatsoever). So yeah I would totally share all that 😍😍😍"
“Beyond! And you know what’s also amazing, I wore eyelash extensions for 6 years...and I had a lot of bald patches in my eyeline...since takeing the vitems and NO MORE extensions for 3 weeks now my eyelashes look back to how they were when I was a teenager! And I’m 34 🙈 my family & friends have commented how healthy I look lately! So I’m stoked xxx"
"Hey Jess! I’ve been taking your vitamins for about a week now and want to thankyou SO much! I’ve always been self conscious about thin hair and all of a sudden my hair feels so much thicker and healthier, and it’s given me a new burst of confidence! I even went out last night and two friends commented (separately) about how thick it looks! So happy so THANKYOU💕"
"Hi Jess!!! I just wanted to add to others comments about your vitamins - which are actually MAGIC ! I started them a week ago and already feel a difference in my energy levels. I teach little ones all day and would usually feel in a slump around 4-5 but now I keep going! I feel so energized. My hair has also been quite thin all my life and I hate it because I could never do much with it... now I’m actually feeling some difference and can’t wait to see the changes in 4-5 more weeks!❤️"
"Hey love! Just wanted to say I'm a week and a half into the js vitamins and I can honestly say I noticed the difference in the first couple of Days! I normally get tired around 2pm but haven't even been tired until my 9pm bed time! I naturally have long thick hair so didn't get it for the hair side of things but I've literally noticed my hair being shiny and feels healthier! Thank you so much 🙌🏻"
"What the...? I've only been taking your vitamins for 4 days and I already feel more energized during the day! And my hair is much softer and healthier and I didn't add anything to my hair like I usually do. No oils, no creams, just your vitamins! I can't wait to see how I feel over time! 😘"
"Hey jess! Just wanted to let you know that i’ve now been taking your vitamins for just under 2 weeks now and I’ve seriously noticed that I have so much energy !!! I used to find it so hard to get out of bed at 9 and now I happily wake up at 6 and don’t feel tired the entire day! I’m so so greatful 🙏🏼🙏🏼"
"ALSO I have a twin sister and her hair is usually around an inch longer but she told me this morning that my hair looked unusually longer so we compared lengths and i’m actually almost caught up to her now 😅 haha they are really working for me!!"
"Oh and ANOTHER thing! I haven’t broken out on my skin since I started taking them so THAT’S amazing too 😇"
"JSHealth Vitamins or Magic??!! I've been taking these little magical bad boys for five days now and I don't believe it, but I am already feeling the benefits. I've been blessed with beautiful thick curly hair so my attraction to the vitamins was for increased energy. Well, I am amazed.. I now have to look at the clock to check the time in the afternoon, because normally my body would tell me. Every day I get (correction GOT!) overwhelmingly tired, my eyes would get heavy and I'd feel sluggish... I knew when this happened that it was anywhere between 2-3.30pm... Yesterday I looked at the clock and couldn't believe it, it was 5pm and I felt awake and full of energy (and the sudden oh no I need to get cracking on dinner!). What the??!!! I have always been very hesitant to try vitamins... But I trust Jessica and all her research, so I thought I'd give it a go. She is the first person in the health industry that I have fully related to and trust what she says completely. Everything is made, not only simple and achievable, but so dam exciting the Jshealth way. Now I have the added bonus of having energy to be my best self for my family. Jesscia - how can I thank you enough for bringing this magical vitamin into my life?!"
"Wanted to drop you a note on the vitamins.. They are AMAZING! By the end of the day i'm normally so tired that I'm falling asleep on the sofa by 8 - now I don't have the afternoon slump and I don't have that heavy tiredness in the evening but i'm also able to sleep well. I'm also finding that i'm not as tired in the morning either and I'm getting my coffee because I want it and enjoy it, more than I need it to get me through the morning. So all in all a BIG thank you for giving them to me to try, I will 100% be stocking up when they run out!"
"Hey 👋 Jess
Just wanted to say how FAB-U -LOUS your vitamins are !!!
I have been taking them for just over a week now and it hit me that wow 😱 I haven’t felt that slump of fatigue between 3-5pm .
THANK U for all your positive message and inspiring recipes.. your a GEM 😘"
"Hi Jess, I’ve been taking my tablets for 10 days & yesterday was the first Friday afternoon I wasn’t dead by 5pm. I’m a working mum and have always taken vitamin supplements -I went off all my current vitamins and was just taking your vitamins, so I could see if there would be a difference. Every Friday I’m up cleaning the house at 5am and by 5.30pm I’m exhausted. Yesterday was the first Friday in a long time where I went out for dinner and still wasn’t exhausted when I came home. Thank you!!!!"
"Also, I take a Greek class via Skype, and yesterday the teacher randomly asked me if I had extensions in my hair now because it seems to have grown a lot since last week 😂"
"I have been taking them for a week and a half now and I really think it's helped me get some clarity and calmed my brain fog as I was suffering from a bit of anxiety, which is calming down!!!😊 Literally just yesterday I noticed my hair feeling softer.... so excited to watch the change over time 😍😁😚"
"I’m already seeing improvements! My hair feels and looks thicker!"
"I just need to say these vitamins are AMAZING! For months after having glandular fever, I struggled to have any energy & was constantly tired. Two weeks of taking these I feel so so much better. Thanks so much Jess! xx"
“The past couple of weeks I’ve been crazy exhausted. Literally falling asleep by 9 and just feeling sluggish. I started taking the Vitamin on Saturday and I haven’t fallen asleep or even noticed feeling tired. It feels too good to be true, like is this magic? Haha but I am very thankful"
“Usually after a full day of teaching I am completely depleted and cannot wait for a “Nanna nap”!! :):) Seriously, I have taken the vitamins for 2 days.. is it actually possible that I have so much energy today still.. Even did some stretches to show u!! You are seriously one amazing you woman!"
“Been using the supplements for a week, I had thinning near my scalp - it has actually grown back and feels stronger! Ah love it thanks so much xxx”
"Hey Jess gosh okay 2nd day taking them and I feel more energised already !!?? Especially with my early morning shifts at work both days I didn’t feel as tired as I normally do when I finish .. Amazing !!!"