Signature Hair Brush - Detangle + Smooth

Complete your haircare routine with our exclusive logo-embossed brush. Stylish and ergonomic, this hair tool effortlessly detangles and smoothes hair from scalp to ends. 


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  • Designed to be gentle on hair

  • Helps to detangle + smooth strands

  • Massages to support scalp health

  • Black lightweight bristles encased in rose gold

  • Features signature JSHealth Vitamins logo

Complete your haircare routine with our exclusive JSHealth Vitamins Hair Brush, complete with signature logo. This stylish and considered design features black lightweight bristles to help protect and support hair whilst grooming, in a chic rose gold casing. The ergonomic handle ensures ease of use as you effortlessly detangle and smooth hair from scalp to ends. 
Whilst bushing, apply a gentle amount of pressure at the scalp to provide a massaging effect for enhanced blood flow to support healthy scalp skin and hair follicles.

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