WHY WE ARE Different


At JSHealth Vitamins, our team of experts are committed to developing and providing effective formulas based on specifically selected ingredients, knowledge and care for our community.


Every ingredient in each JSHealth Vitamins formula is chosen with the knowledge of our team of experts. We carefully select these by formula to support the health claims. All our supplements are made to meet this strict standard, so you know our formulas contain ingredients shown to be effective in the research.


We understand that the supplement world can be confusing and overwhelming for people, so we created our range with the mission to simplify supplements by creating formulas that are targeted to support specific health needs, whether it be skin health, stress and anxiety, sleep, bloating or any other common concerns. The names of our formulas reflect their purpose.

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The JSHealth community holds a place in our hearts and we pride ourselves on caring greatly for our customers. In fact, all of the JSHealth Vitamins formulas were created as a response to the health needs and concerns of you, our dear community. Our customer care ethos is focused on providing professional and compassionate responses to everyone, and we always aim to help you as much as we can. Thank you for being part of the community that makes JSHealth truly unique.


As a company, we believe in the power of giving back and take this very seriously. 

We have carefully selected charities to donate to on behalf of the JSHealth community and customers.

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One of our core brand values is quality. This informs every ingredient we source and every decision we make. We promise to never sacrifice quality in order to save costs. 

Every ingredient used in our formulations must meet quality standards.These quality standards are part of good manufacturing practices, which are applicable to all listed medicines in Australia.


Our JSHealth Vitamins formulas are proudly made with minimal fillers, binders and preservatives. We also ensure our products never contain benzoates and hydroxybenzoates, gluten, GMOs, MSG, refined sugars, tartrazine and wheat.


Every ingredient used in our formulations must meet quality standards. These quality standards are part of good manufacturing practices, which are applicable to all listed medicines in Australia. 


We take every element of our formulas seriously, including ensuring that the dose of selected ingredients in our formulations are at a specific dose.


JSHealth Vitamins is committed to always doing better for our environment. We use primarily vegan ingredients in our formulas. Our fish oil and marine collagen products use ingredients that are responsibly sourced only from MSC certified and/or Friend of the Sea certified sustainable fisheries. Our signature JSHealth Kelp™ is sustainably harvested in-line with natural growth cycles to minimise ecological harm. 

We pledge to continue to work towards more sustainable ingredients and practices, and to always be conscious of our ecological footprint.

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