The JSHealth Team's Favourite Afternoon Snacks

There's nothing like a deliciously nourishing snack to help fuel your day and keep you going until dinner! Here at the JSHealth Vitamins HQ, we all have our favourites when it comes to getting in those 3pm energy boosts.

From wholesome bars to protein-packed smoothie bowls, here's the lowdown on our most adored arvo treats, found in the JSHealth kitchen (or stashed away in our desks!)...

“My favourite snack tends to change with the weather! One option I always come back to is a mini platter of fruits, veggies, and hummus – it reminds me of the after-school snacks my mum used to prepare for me. When I'm in the mood to indulge a bit more, I quickly whip up a no-cook slice with crushed oats, almonds, and dates for the base, peanut butter and maple syrup for the middle layer, and a heavenly topping of dark chocolate and coconut yoghurt. I pop it in the freezer, and voila!” - Bree, Marketing Assistant

"When I'm in a savoury mood I love carrot and celery sticks with almond butter. If I'm craving something sweet, I'll reach for homemade plant-based protein bliss balls." - Lolita, Head of Copy + Editorial

"A cup of soothing T2 Tummy Tea paired with a piece of chocolate – yummy! I also love fresh fruit for a burst of natural sweetness. And when I'm in the mood for something light and crunchy, popcorn is my go-to! It's all about finding that perfect balance for my sweet tooth." - Amanda, E-Commerce Manager

"Honestly, my favourite afternoon snack is the JSHealth Greens + Collagen mixed in water! I find them incredibly refreshing and they give me a real pick-me-up in the afternoon. It's not just because it's on brand, I genuinely love it (as crazy as it sounds)! But if I'm not reaching for greens, I'll grab a trusty handful of smoked-flavoured almonds. They're absolutely delightful to munch on and help me keep that dreaded 3pm sugar devil at bay!" - Jenna, Head of Retail

"I love Medjool dates stuffed with peanut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon! Sweet like caramel, but with a nice hit of protein and healthy fat to keep me energised through the afternoon." - Vic, Recipe Developer + JSHealth App Manager

"I have the biggest sweet tooth, so when it comes to my favourite afternoon snack, I can't go past a cup of tea paired with a delicious chocolate protein bar or a juicy piece of fruit!" - Sarah, Regulatory Affairs Manager

"As a lover of all things sweet and comforting, nothing beats the simple pleasure of a chocolate biscuit or a freshly baked choc chip cookie. Ah, now I've got a serious cookie craving!" - Ali, Senior Designer

“As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, nothing beats sinking my teeth into a decadent chocolate brownie loaded with crunchy macadamia nuts. To give my creative energy an extra kick, I always whip up my trusty hot chilli cacao. It’s my perfect arvo indulgence for a touch of spice and a dash of antioxidants to keep me fuelled for the rest of the day.” - Christine, Copywriter

Our team at JSHealth HQ is full of snack-time inspiration! Whether you prefer something savoury, sweet or a mix of both, we hope our snacks will help give you some ideas for your next nourishing treat. Happy snacking!