Menstrual March: The Unique Experience of Womanhood

As we honour the diversity of unique experiences that define womanhood, we're beyond excited to announce the return of a beloved initiative: our third year of Menstrual March! Menstrual March celebrates and uplifts people with periods and hormonal cycles. It's a month-long dedication to the strength, resilience and complexity of the journey of womanhood in all its forms. 

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll bring you a wealth of science-focused education, igniting inspiring conversations and answering all of your questions surrounding female health and wellness. We want you to feel equipped and empowered to take charge of your wellbeing, fully embracing the experience of womanhood in its entirety.

This annual platform allows us to join together as a community in an open, transparent dialogue. We'll be discussing periods, sex, fertility, libido, menopause and everything in between.

Wondering what to expect? Here’s the (f)lowdown...

Week 1 - Periods + Menstrual Health: We kick off the month by shedding light on everything periods and menstrual health, stripping away the stigma and providing practical insights to enhance your wellbeing. 

Week 2 - Hormones + Mental Health: In week two, we'll dive into the fascinating world of hormones and their profound impact on mental health, equipping you with tools to navigate these complex interactions.

Week 3 - Sexual Health + Libido: Week three is dedicated to sexual health and libido, breaking down barriers and encouraging honest conversations about these fundamental aspects of womanhood.

Week 4 - Perimenopause + Menopause: We’ll finish the month by discussing perimenopause and menopause, offering understanding, support and guidance for these transformative stages of life.

Stay tuned throughout the month as we share expert tips, personal stories and thought-provoking discussions.

We can't wait to learn, grow and confidently embrace the unique experience of womanhood with you all!

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