How our team are caring for themselves this time of year

The end of year rush means self-care is more important than ever. Take inspiration from our HQ on grounding practices to stay in balance during the holiday season.

"My #1 self-care tip would be limiting screen time! I delete my social media apps and focus on in-person connection with friends and family."

- Robyn, Senior Graphic Designer

"Caring for myself this busy time of year means prioritising SLEEP!  This looks like winding down with no phone 1hr before bed, red light on, tea, reading and taking a magnesium supplement before bed."

- Georgia, Senior Talent & Partnerships Manager 

 “Taking the pressure off gift-giving and buying the same gift for everyone! Our new 2-Step Haircare System is perfect for every hair type... it's my go-to this year for every person i'm gifting. THE SMELL IS DIVINE.”

- Caroline, Head of Growth

“My EOY tip is to dedicate some time to yourself to make sure you're not overwhelming yourself with too many plans/events/tasks/work during the holiday season. Reduce stress where you can and don't try and do it all, it's okay to say no."

- Laura, Social Media Manager

"I love putting my gua sha into the freezer/fridge at the start of the day and giving myself 15 mins a day to do a cold gua sha face massage - especially in the summer heat. I use the Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum with it - heaven!"

- Tilds, Social and Content Coordinator

"This time of the year I am focusing on prioritising exercise and moving my body! Getting out each day and going for a walk, as well as staying consistent with my gym classes helps me feel stronger both on a physical level, but also improves my mental wellbeing. Implementing a good magnesium supplement also helps improves my muscle recovery."

- Meg O, Talent Manager 

"Mine would be taking yourself for a little date to centre yourself! Something like grabbing a coffee and going for a swim."

- Simone, Retail Coordinator 

"When feeling overwhelmed, I leave my phone at home, get in the car and head to the ocean. The ocean fixes everything!"

- Vic, Recipe Developer & JSHealth App Manager

"At the end of each year, I allow myself some time to really reflect on the past 12 months. What did I enjoy? What inspired me? What lessons am I taking with me into the year ahead? I write these notes into my journal with my favourite music playing in the background. It is super motivational!"

- Brooke, Executive Assistant

Happy holiday season from the JSHealth Team. We hope you can find time to rest, restore and care for yourself.