The Pregnancy Skincare Guide

Pregnancy is a time of wonderful transformation and an opportunity to nurture yourself and your little one with love and compassion. As you navigate this precious chapter, it’s important to be mindful of the changes your body will experience, including certain skincare considerations. 

While there are some hard and fast rules to follow, such as avoiding retinol (vitamin A) or advanced skin treatments like laser, this is also a time to be kind, patient and graceful with yourself. Tune in to your body as you move through the different hormonal changes, and honour the transitions you experience as you grow new life inside you. 

Make a promise to yourself to leave any judgement of physical changes. Decide to love yourself exactly as you are and celebrate imperfections as part of this journey, remembering the miracle occurring within.

Simplifying your skincare routine during this period can be a refreshing approach, allowing you to focus on the foundations while providing your skin with the topical support and care it deserves.  

Let’s delve into our nourishing tips for a pregnancy-safe skincare regimen, embracing natural ingredients alongside gentle self care to nurture your radiant glow both inside and out. 

Understanding pregnancy skin changes 

For many women, the skin changes significantly during pregnancy. Hormonal shifts, changes in blood vessels, metabolism and the immune system all play a role in transforming your skin during this precious time. While these changes can often result in the beautiful pregnancy “glow”, they can also bring about challenges such as hormonal acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, itchy skin, eczema and melasma. 

It’s important to tailor your skincare routine to accommodate these changes – whether that means delving deeper into oils, looking into richer hydration options, or being mindful of protecting your skin barrier and minimising exfoliation. Be aware of not using too many active ingredients and try to avoid substances like salicylic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide and chemical sunscreens that may be harmful to your developing baby.

Additionally, it’s best to steer clear of professional treatments such as chemical peels, cosmetic injectables (such as anti-wrinkle and fillers) and laser treatments. Take the time to purge expired products from your handbag and prioritise a safe and simple skincare routine - for both you and your bub. 

Choosing natural products and simplifying your skincare routine to focus on minimal and gentle care allows you to best nurture your skin during this tender time. Below is our cheat sheet to navigating skincare during the different stages of pregnancy.

A Nourishing Skincare Routine for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the needs of your skin may vary at different stages. Here is how you can nurture your skin to meet the unique needs of each trimester: 

First Trimester

  • Use a water-resistant, broad spectrum (we would opt for an SPF 30 or higher!) sunscreen to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Look for a zinc-based option to avoid harsher chemical-based screens.
  • Combat hormonal breakouts with our Balancing Vitamin Cleanser, which works by gently removing impurities while maintaining the health of your skin barrier.
  • Nourish and protect your skin while keeping pigmentation at bay with our Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum, enriched with brightening Vitamin C and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. 

Second Trimester

  • If you can, you may like to consider using your facial skincare products on your body for optimal support during this time. 
  • Address stretch marks and promote elasticity with our Luminous Vitamin Oil, featuring natural retinol alternative Bakuchiol, plus a blend of gentle yet science-based, skin-loving botanicals. 
  • Your tummy will need some extra TLC as it continues to grow with your baby. Opt for an enriching, yet gentle moisturiser such as our Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser, formulated to support skin firmness and combat dryness while helping you maintain a healthy skin barrier and minimising discomfort.
  • If using your face skincare items on larger areas doesn’t suit your budget, find a pure plant oil such as coconut or jojoba and apply regularly to the belly and areas prone to stretch marks.

Third Trimester

  • Embrace tender moments of self-care as you cherish these precious, final stages of pregnancy. Prioritise adequate sleep and engage in gentle exercise, such as stretches and breathwork. 
  • Our 4-Step Vitamin Skincare System is designed to be kind and gentle during pregnancy. Use a gua sha beauty tool with the serum or oil step to encourage lymphatic drainage, as you may find your body and face are more prone to holding onto extra fluid during this time. If you wake up feeling “puffy” in the face, a quick gua sha session can be a game changer.

At JSHealth Vitamins, our commitment to clean and pure formulas is at the heart of our skincare range, which is free from ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances.

While our products are formulated to be kind to all skin types including during pregnancy, they do contain fragrances made from essential oils, which some mothers may prefer to avoid. If you have any concerns, we recommend consulting your health practitioner for personalised advice.


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