Pure Matcha+ has landed (plus DIY face mask)!

Elevate your day with matcha! Our new Certified Organic premium green tea powder is the ultimate wellness ritual.

We were determined to find high quality Matcha powder that honours the Japanese tradition and that was 100% Certified Organic. The journey led us to discovering our special pure Matcha green tea powder

This special Matcha green tea powder is steeped in Japanese culture, with a history of more than 180 years. From the natural environment and culture of renowned matcha region Kyoto to your home, our carefully grown, harvested and crafted culinary-grade Matcha has a vibrant colour, smooth consistency and balanced flavour profile that makes it ideal for use in your beverages and cooking. 

Following traditional growing methods, Matcha has been found to have higher active compounds, such as chlorophyll, catechins, antioxidants and theanine to support your wellbeing.

Our Pure Matcha+ powder contains powdered organic green tea leaves grown and harvested in Uji Tawara, Kyoto, Japan. It’s vegan, gluten free and has no added colours, flavours or sweeteners… just the way Matcha should be!

How to prepare Pure Matcha+?

For one cup of Matcha tea, mix 2 g (approximately ½ teaspoon) into 250ml of hot water. For a Matcha latte, combine with 250ml hot or steamed milk of choice. Consume immediately.

It can also be added to smoothies or sprinkled onto desserts.

DIY Matcha Face Mask 

Matcha powder is an inside-out Japanese beauty secret that has been used for centuries, from incorporating the concentrated ground green tea leaves into topical skincare products and adding them to bath soaks, to enjoying matcha tea as a healthy drink. Matcha is known for its high concentration of skin-loving catechin polyphenols and tannins.

Experience the topical benefits of matcha with an easy DIY matcha face! Simply combine 2 tsp matcha with a tiny bit of warm water and mix into a smooth, thick paste. Apply to cleansed skin and leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off!