Jet-Setting? Our Travel Tips From The JSHealth Team

Travelling is one of the joys of life. Whilst so many of us look forward to a much-needed break, the long flights, change in seasons and different daily routines can certainly take a toll on our bodies.

We asked our JSHealth team what their go-to travel hacks are for supporting their health and what products they recommend when jet-setting about!

Whether you’re hitting the slopes in Japan, going shopping in New York or soaking up your long awaited Euro summer - these tips will have your wellbeing and beauty in check so you feel vibrant, confident and ready to explore. 

Tip: I really try not to drink alcohol on the flight itself and the first night I arrive at my destination. I also load up on magnesium at night and drink a beetroot, celery, lemon juice when I land - so good for blood flow. 
- Jessica Sepel, Founder

Tip: Flying can be incredibly dehydrating for the skin. I like to arrive at my destination with a glow so I apply a thick layer of the Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser as an in-flight face mask. For an extra boost, I double-up on my daily serving of Pure Marine Collagen, which supports skin hydration from within. I also never get on a long haul flight without my silk eye mask - it’s a game changer for beauty sleep in the air. 
- Lolita Walters, Global Head of Copy + Editorial 

Tip: It’s so hard to fall asleep on planes, so a trusty go-to is our PM+ that contains three types of magnesium, along with passionflower and chamomile. Vitality X + Collagen Sachets are also a bestseller. They’re so easy to travel with and keep your skin game on point when eating and drinking all sorts of things on holiday. Definitely throwing a few of these in your carry-on!
- Jess Horgan, Head of Marketing

Tip: Meditate each morning. No matter where I am in the world, meditation is non-negotiable. There are so many apps that offer guided meditations which you can do from anywhere (some as quick as 5 minutes - you can try for free on the JSHealth App). Travel can be stressful at times, but meditating centres me. I also suggest popping the Mild Anxiety + Stress formula in your bag for those fast-paced trips!
- Georgia May, Copywriter

Tip: The TIMESHIFTER ‘Jet Lag’ app. This is so helpful for long-haul flights and has become my go-to for minimising grogginess & extreme tiredness when travelling. It’s super user-friendly and easy to follow. See ya later, jet lag! Our Greens + Collagen is also perfect for keeping your nutrients up as you travel - simply mix in your water bottle for a delicious green juice on-the-go!
- Brooke McCarthy, Executive Assistant

Tip: If your digestive system slows down and also goes on holiday as soon as you get on the flight… bring a multi-strain, shelf-stable probiotic. It helps more than you know to keep you regular as you travel and assist in any digestive discomfort. I’m sure to also never travel without a powerboard to connect to my adapter.
- Caroline Jesset, Global Head of Growth 

Tip: If jetlag is your nemesis when travelling, PM+ helps those adapt to those first nights in a new timezone. Getting a good night's sleep (7+ hours) means that you can make the most of those wonderful days in new locations! Skin hydration is also so important, especially when travelling to warm and dry locations. I always pack a serum and moisturiser in my carry-on - the JSHealth ones are so nourishing and combat the seriously drying plane air-con. There’s no better feeling than arriving at your holiday destination with glowing gorgeous hydrated skin ready for those holiday snaps!
- Jenna Arscott, Head of Retail 

Tip: My digestion needs extra help when travelling so I always try to kick off the day with a high-fibre breakfast - whether eating at the accommodation or out and about. This combined with a probiotic keeps me regular and my tummy happy. Exploring on foot is one of the best parts of travelling, so I aim to walk as a way t-o explore. 10,000+ steps is easy in beautiful locations and also supports my digestion. 
- Victoria Wicks, Head of JSHealth Content 

Tip: Maintaining a consistent skincare routine is crucial, especially when travelling. It's easy for your routine to get disrupted while on the go or for the foods we eat to disrupt our skin balance. I’ve found that sticking to a familiar routine, moving my body and aiming for 2 litres of water per day (buy water before you get on the plane) helps keep my skin clear and healthy. I throw the JSHealth Vitamins 4-Step Skincare minis in my carry-on/handbag, they’re so convenient. I also always tell friends and family to not go anywhere without Skin + Digestion. With a dual-benefit approach, it’s easy to see why it’s such a top seller!
- Phoebe Kinsey, Regulatory Affairs Associate 

Tip: The most important thing for me while travelling is being comfortable.This of course means a cute comfy travel outfit, fluffy socks, neck pillow and things to keep me entertained whilst on long haul flights! But flying can still make you feel so bloated and dehydrated. The best combo for tummy support is drinking Peppermint Tea, and packing our Detox + Debloat. It’s a global bestseller and can provide real relief for pesky bloating.
- Maxime de Kadt, Influencer Marketing Manager 

Tip: I always recommend packing a tub of Vitality X + Collagen in your luggage. With 3g of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen + 10 hand-chosen ingredients, it helps keep you glowing even with the long days and endless nights! It helps with keeping hydration in check (because it’s delicious) and so easy to add to your water bottle on-the-go. I also recommend setting your alarm to wake you early, taking a quiet stroll around a new city while the city is asleep. It’s always so refreshing and it can also be the best time to see the sights (minus the tourists). 
- Zoë, Head of Design