Expert Hacks for Your Healthiest Hair Ever with Missy Veyret

Who doesn’t love a good hair trick or tip? We turned to our JSHealth Vitamins Hair expert Missy Veyret and asked her to spill her top five hair hacks. You’re welcome…

Hack 1

Avoid breakage with tying your hair up 

Try tying your hair in different areas of your hair to avoid breakage in the same area. When tying your hair up, swap out your elastics for scrunchies, claw clips and pins. If your hair elastic has hair wrapped around it - it's a good sign to ditch it or loosen your styles. 

Hack 2

Sleep with purpose with a silk pillow case

The benefits of using a silk pillowcase is game-changing! Scrop your old pillow case and invest into a silk pillowcase and say hello to non-static, healthier hair. The silk helps retain moisture and natural oils in the hair, whilst also helping to avoid friction whilst you slumber, which leads to tangles and breakage. 

Hack 3

Get sleek hair when you need it with a secret hair mask 

Hair is ready for a wash but you don’t have time, so you do the oldest trick in the book and opt for one of those sleek hair updo days. Take it to the next level and use the Nourishing Vitamins Conditioner in your hair rather than your usual gel or cream to slick your hair back to perfection. No one will tell the difference and you will benefit from the conditioner as a mini leave in mask right before your next wash.

Hack 4

Cold water wash and blood flow on scalp 

If you can brave it, after doing your normal hair washing routine, give your hair a burst of cold water therapy! Ending with a cold blast will help retain natural oils and sebum in your hair. The cool temperature also closes your hair’s cuticles up so they are sealed together in a stronger and smoother way, giving your hair much needed shine. 

Hack 5

Increase blood flow with brushing + at home head massages 

Ever wondered why we feel so amazing after a head massage at the salon? Not only does it release tension in your scalp but it is also so great at improving blood flow! Blood flow and scalp stimulation can increase hair growth and improve the scalp skin. Pair this with regular scalp brushing and you are on your way to healthier roots! 


About Missy Veyret

A passion for hair, health and wellness with 16 years of experience in the beauty industry under her belt, Missy has an intensive list of clients she tends to during her busy weeks, a successful bridal business, a national hair educator & a deep appreciation for the correlation between inside-out beauty. She has an impressive portfolio as an editorial stylist, brand ambassador, salon owner and proudly represents the Australian hair industry. 

You can find her at @missyveyret