Celebrating our female-powered JSHealth Retail Community!

We chatted to some of our inspiring female JSHealth Vitamins retailers in celebration of International Women’s Day, who are living examples of being bold, passionate change-makers.

So what’s it like running a female-founded retail business in the health space? These JSHealth women of wellness share their experience, plus their advice for anyone looking to start their own! 


What is your business? My business is Two Red Springs Pilates and we have two locations - operating under the instagram handles @tworedsprings_pilates and @trs_pilates_ballarat

What inspires you? My inspiration was my love for how Pilates made me feel, both physically and mentally. I started teaching in my lounge room which soon became too busy so I opened a studio in my local suburb to share it with others. The Red Springs are the strongest on the reformer and hence the name developed.

What’s your greatest learning? My greatest learning is that you never stop learning! Being in business is constant, evolving, problem solving. Sometimes it is a fight!

What’s the best piece of advice you can share? Keep an eye on where you're going, but don't forget to look back on how far you've come. We can be so hard on ourselves building the next element of our business, wondering if we're good enough that we forget to stop and look on all we have achieved. Being in business is really hard work but so rewarding.

Where can people find you? www.tworedspringspilates.com and www.trspilatesballarat.com


What is your business? My business is Spa Fit Group Pty Ltd, which includes Skin B Fit Spa and our International spa training programs. My focus is enhancing natural beauty & wellbeing, to enable you to live your best life with your loved ones. 

Opportunities will come if you dare to realize your dreams. I was lucky to secure a hairdressing apprenticeship in my small Snowy Mountains town in my youth, then completed my International beauty qualifications, which grew into an international career in the beauty industry spanning over 4 decades!  

How have you overcome challenges in business? We proudly launched JS Health into our clinic two days before a tragedy struck. After nursing our business through pandemic closures, Skin B Fit Spa closed in February 2022 due to an arson attack on our shopping centre in Patterson Lakes VIC, which affected 15 shops and traumatized our close-knit community. During this time, my husband was still overseas locked out of the country, and our daughter in QLD locked out of VIC (lockdown). I had also just lost my Mum and my fit healthy 60 year old brother, I needed time to heal. I used the time to create a new concept, which addresses the loss and stress everyone has faced these past few years. Now, on the other side - we will soon be reopening in a new location, with our newly created 'B Fit Lifestyle Store" concept, and we will proudly carry JSHealth!

What’s your greatest learning? My greatest learning is situations in business can change quickly, and you must be ready to react. I have had spectacular success and spectacular failures!

What’s the best piece of advice you can share? My advice for other female founders is to go for it and keep your passion alive! You must keep evolving, don't try to be everything to everyone, get everything in writing, be consistent in your deeds and words, and never give up!  


What is your business? My business is Sanctuary Skin Care, an advanced skin clinic based in Neutral Bay, NSW. This year is our 10th year in operation! 

What inspired you to start the business?  After studying business at university, I worked in the corporate world as an IT analyst. I was a square peg in a round hole! I desperately wanted a career change. I wanted to work in a profession which came naturally to me, one that I was also passionate about - and I wanted it to be a customer facing business, as I genuinely enjoy looking after people. I decided to study Beauty Therapy, with the aim of opening up a skin clinic. I opened my first business 2 years after graduating with my beauty diploma and never looked back! 

What has been your greatest learning? Your team is your key to success. Take your time to find the right people. Attracting and retaining customers starts with attracting and retaining the people who service those customers.

What's one piece of advice you would give to other female founders?

I have 3: 

  1. Look after your customers with integrity and treat everyone with the same level of respect and high standard of service, no matter what. The same goes with your team - always treat your team with integrity and respect and watch them thrive!
  2. Stay in your own lane. Don't worry too much about what your competition is doing. Your business has a personality, just like you do - let it shine!
  3. Associate yourself with like-minded business people. I know two amazing women in my industry - we are always helping and supporting each other, whether it be for business advice or moral support in challenging times. I really value our friendship. We lift eachother up!

Where can people find you? @sanctuaryskincare and www.sanctuaryskincare.com.au



What is your business? I’m the very lucky business owner of Studio 8, a beautiful beachfront hair salon in Manly, NSW.

What inspired you to start the business? My kids were my inspiration. I was a young mum working long hours as a salon manager in South East London. With 2 school drop offs and a commute to work I was out of the house for 12 hours. I knew I had to get my career to work for me and my family, the mum guilt is real!

Taking the step to create a brand and open my own salons was scary but it has given me a real sense of achievement. My mum is a big inspiration for me, she is an incredible businesswoman and having watched her build a successful business in a male dominated industry despite suffering setbacks has given me the drive to succeed. I feel very lucky to have her as my mentor.

What has been your greatest learning? Running your own business, you’re going to face obstacles, but I have learnt to take a deep breath and relax because there is always a solution. Having a great team and culture are so important to a business’s success. Keeping your team engaged, inspired and working towards the same goal is crucial.

What’s your greatest advice? Believe in yourself. Unfortunately, as women we are not encouraged to be ambitious, opinionated or bold. I doubted my abilities for a long time and thought other people always knew better than me. It’s taken nearly 20 years of owning my own business and learning from my mistakes for me to realise I actually might know best!

Where can people find you? @studio8_hair and https://studio8hair.com.au/