Winter Essentials Kit

Prepping yourself for the winter chill, the constant sickness, the gloominess from the lack of...

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This kit is your best friend for summer!

Whether you’re a jet-setter off on an amazing summer trip, a beach bum, or a water baby, this kit is designed to keep you energised, healthy and glowing all summer long!

It contains our incredible multivitamin AM + PM to boost your energy, immunity and response to stress, and improve your sleep and nervous system function - because as much as we love summer, it can be draining!

Detox + Debloat will help relieve bloating and detoxify your liver, so you can enjoy all your fave summer foods (and drinks!).

Hair + Energy will have your energy levels and luscious locks at their best, and Skin + Digestion will keep you glowing from the inside out all summer long!

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