Your vitamin questions... Answered!

Guys, we’re always listening to you… So today we’re answering the questions that keep popping up… 

Q. Can I take the JSHealth Vitamins while pregnant/breastfeeding?
A. Our vits aren’t specifically designed for any of you amazing mummas who are pregnant or breastfeeding! It’s always best to check in with your GP to assess if the formulas are suitable for your individual needs. Many breastfeeding women are still taking pre- or post-natal vitamins, which is why we’re always extra cautious when providing advice. 

Q. Can I take all your vitamins together?
A. Guys, we get you - who wouldn’t want to be downing every single one of our formulas on the daily!? However, hold your horses! Many of our vitamins contain Zinc, so taking too many at once might mean you’re getting more than the recommended upper daily limit. As everyone is different, it’s best to be guided by a health professional!

Q. I’ve been taking the Skin + Digestion and/or the Metabolism + Sugar Support formulas, and have noticed my pee is quite a bright colour. What could be the reason for this?
A. What is the meaning of this?!
Both our Sugar Balance + Metabolism and our Skin + Digestion formulas contain B vitamins. If your pee suddenly turns bright yellow, this is just because B vitamins are water-soluble, so any excess you consume you’ll just pee right on out! Gotta love it!
If you are concerned, it’s best to check in with your health practitioner for further guidance. 

Q. Will the Hair + Energy vitamins cause me to grow hair in other places on my body? I also get laser treatment, so I’m worried it will cause that hair to grow back.
A. This formula works to support your natural hair growth, it will affect mainly those areas that already grow thicker and longer - think your head hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. Laser-treated areas won’t be affected, as laser kills the hair follicles themselves! Settle, pettle, we got you!

Q. Are your vitamins vegan?
A. All our vitamins are vegan, except for Fish Oil (of course!)... While our Hair + Energy formula is technically vegan and there are no animal products in the finished product, it may contain traces of crustacea due to the sea grown kelp that we use.

Q. Can the Protein + Probiotics be given to children?
A. The Protein + Probiotics powder can be consumed by children, but don’t forget to calculate how much you give them, taking into account their age, weight and size. Each serve of Protein + Probiotics contains approximately 22g of protein, so we recommend you calculate your child’s protein requirements and then suitably portion their intake. #parentinggoals

Q. Are the Protein + Probiotics FODMAP-friendly?
A. The premium golden pea protein isolate used in JSHealth x Nuzest Protein + Probiotics powders has virtually no FODMAPs due to the natural isolation process it undergoes, leaving no ‘antinutrients’ that are commonly found in plant-based proteins. All servings of natural flavourings and sweeteners used are FODMAP-friendly. Basically, this product is safe as part of a low-FODMAP diet - don’t stress! In fact, many people have told us this is the one protein they don’t get bloated from!

Q. What is the difference between Gut Health + Immunity and Detox + Debloat?
A. Detox + Debloat contains ingredients which help to repair the gut, detoxify the liver and assist with bloating, whereas the Gut Health + Immunity probiotic helps restore beneficial bacteria in the gut - you can take both at the same time for optimal gut health! Both are amaze!

Q. What vitamins can I take with the Fish Oil?
A. You can take our delish vanilla-scented Triple Strength Fish Oil with the entire JSHealth range!