Winter Skin Tips - Transition with the Seasons

With the change of season, the needs of your skin also shift. Having an adaptable inside and out skincare routine that works with the different climates you experience throughout the year is a useful method to ensure vibrant, healthy, nourished skin all year round. Here are some ways to transition and care for your skin during the cooler winter months.

What’s happening to your skin during winter?

Due to chilly air and drying winds, generally there is less moisture in the skin during the cooler weather than in the summer heat, as well as fewer lipids in the skin barrier. These differences can contribute to dryness and irritation.

Winter skin routine tips:

  • Protect your skin barrier 
  • Your skin barrier is essential for healthy skin, yet is more likely to be compromised in the cool weather. Stop using foaming cleansers that strip the skin. Switch to a creamy cleanser which is gentle on the skin barrier and supports important lipids. TRY: Balancing Vitamin Cleanser

  • Feed your skin with plant oils + probiotics
  • Research shows that certain plant oils may help repair the skin barrier and also prevent your skin barrier from losing moisture. Many of these oils have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects that further protect the skin too. Great options include Avocado and Grapeseed oils. Probiotics are also great to topically support the skin microbiome and protect your complexion. TRY: Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser

  • Stay hydrated (and warm!)
  • Wintery weather can be very drying for the body, so keep up your 2-3 litres of water daily. Add a Marine Collagen supplement into your warming morning beverage to further support skin hydration. TRY: Beauty Collagen Creamer+

  • Include natural retinol alternative Bakuchiol 
  • Skin turnover may be more sluggish in wintertime. Bakuchiol is a true superstar when it comes to maintaining a youthful, even and radiant complexion year round. It has been shown to work in a similar way to traditional retinols, by increasing skin cell turnover, however without the irritating and drying effects.  TRY: Luminous Vitamin Oil 

  • Layer up 
  • Layering your skincare has never been more important than during the cold months of the year. By applying a serum, followed by a face oil, sealed in with a nourishing moisturiser, you can lock hydration in from the deeper layers of your skin upwards, whilst protecting and shielding it from the elements. TRY: 4-Step Vitamin Skincare System