Uncovering the truth about Collagen

Before you jump on the collagen supplement bandwagon, you’ll want to read this!


Wrinkles are natural, normal and beautiful! They’re signs of a life well-lived! Learn to appreciate your wrinkles, crinkles and imperfections - they are part of what makes you unique! We are alllll about self-love…

However, collagen is the flavour of the month in the beauty and health industry at the moment - thanks to its ability to slow the onset of wrinkles, and achieve healthy, glowing skin… so we decided to investigate if collagen supplements are all they’re cracked up to be.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, and is involved in so many of the body’s processes - think strengthening bones, maintaining skin structure and promoting muscle, tendon, ligament and joint health… the list goes on! 

Your body naturally produces collagen every day but, starting in your 20s, the amount you produce begins to slow down over time. So don’t stress, you’re not officially old as soon as you start spotting those laughter lines *cough* wrinkles *cough*.

Suddenly, the beauty industry is ALL over collagen - attempting to harness its ability to provide youthful, healthy-looking skin in the form of powder or tablet supps.


While research has shown that collagen can help improve the appearance of fine lines, skin elasticity and wrinkles, collagen supplements are not the optimal way to increase collagen levels in your body. The studies that have been done on collagen supplements so far are too small to actually draw any conclusions about whether collagen supplementation has any benefits… 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our solution?

Drumroll please….

Vitamin C!

The best way to achieve glowing skin, tissue and joint health, is to naturally boost your body’s collagen production, using our specially-picked ingredient: Vitamin C - which we have conveniently added to our Skin + Digestion formula. We believe this is a much better alternative that will save you $$$$ on pricey supps that don’t do much….

Our JSHealth AM Stress + Energy + Immune formula also contains Vitamin C, to support general health and wellbeing - giving you your best shot at a collagen boost, while also improving your energy levels and immunity, and managing stress! Sign us up!


Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis, helps provide antioxidant protection against UV damage to your skin, and also produces new skin cells to help with the recovery of wounds or imperfections. Too science-y? Basically, it’s a skin miracle!

Not only that, but Vitamin C is also needed for the growth and repair of body tissue, iron absorption, optimal immune system function, and the maintenance of your cartilage, bones and teeth. It’s the real MVP!


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