Three-step morning routine to boost your energy!

Starting your morning in the right way can do wonders for your energy levels. My simple three-step routine will have you up and at ’em from the moment you open your eyes.
1. Enjoy a 20-minute workout.
You don’t have to dedicate hours every day to exercise – I find 20 minutes is perfect for getting your body moving and increasing your energy levels. I like to alternate between high intensity training and low intensity exercise, like yoga or walking.
2. Enjoy an energy-boosting breakfast. 
Eating a balanced breakfast packed with carbs, fats and protein will boost your energy, and keep it stable for the whole day. Try something like my Bircher Muesli ( – it contains protein, carbs and fats to keep you satiated and energised.
3. Pop our Hair + Energy formula, and AM Vitamin!
Both of these formulas are incredible for giving your body that extra kick of energy! The Iodine in Hair + Energy, coupled with the adaptogens and B vitamins in the AM formula will relieve stress and fatigue, and keep your energy steady all day long! #winning!