This benefit of fish oil is one you’ll want to SEA

We all know fish oil is so beneFISHal for your skin and joints, reduces inflammation and supports your general health and wellbeing. But there are claims about another surprising benefit of this incredible supplement which just might blow your mind…

TROUT yourself to some of our Fish Oil...this one is for the body and the mind.

Fish oil may also support emotional wellbeing, cognitive function, and general mental wellbeing. Evidence has suggested it may improve mood stability (say goodbye to your psycho b**ch days!) and manage depression and other mental conditions.

Positive associations have been found between fish oil supplements and mental function, as well as differences in brain structure between people who use fish oil supps and people who don’t…. Mind blowing! ;)

So basically, fish oil supps may have an incredible impact on brain health and mental wellbeing.

You’ve just been SCHOOLed!

Now that’s enough fish puns, I think it’s time we scale back… (TONGUE POKING OUT EMOJI)


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