Revealing the secret ingredient in our Hair + Energy formula

Umm, excuse me.. Can we kelp you? 

What is kelp?

Did you know that kelp is a sea vegetable that absorbs minerals from ocean water and is an amazing natural source of iodine. Iodine is a trace element that is vital for many important functions of the body. The JSHealth Vitamins contain iodine from two high purity kelp materials.

What do these two high purity kelp materials do?

  • Hair we go - they help to restore hair strength and volume to give you those luscious locks you’ve always dreamt of! 
  • Provides that boost of energy you were thinking you needed right about now!! Especially if you’re a mumma running around after your kiddies. 
  • Regulates metabolism: Our metabolism is in control of turning the food we eat into energy, can impact our temperature regulation and influences our weight.
  • Assists in maintenance for our general wellbeing. Because who doesn’t want to feel fly at all times? 
  • Last but not least! Iodine is also essential for the manufacture of our thyroid hormones, which regulate our basal metabolism and supports energy production throughout the body. Ba-dum-TSH! (FYI TSH is your thyroid stimulating hormone which basically tells the thyroid how much of its hormones to make). 

Food sources and requirements

You can get Iodine from things like seaweed, iodised salt and fortified bread. However, some fussy eaters may struggle to acquire enough!! Another potential reason for iodine deficiencies are due to the reduced amount of iodine in the soil that vegetables and crops grow in, in some countries. The need for Iodine also depends on things like growth, development, pregnancy, lactation and physical activity. 

Sea Kelp from our amazing Hair + Energy formula! 

Especially since you now know the secret ingredient. Just ensure you check in with your health practitioner prior to starting to assess if they will be suitable for your individual needs. Now shout out to all you vegans out there - no this is not technically vegan as it may contain small traces of crustacea due to the sea grown kelps that we use.