Packing for your holiday? Make room for these essentials!

Busy packing for a long-awaited, well deserved holiday over the Christmas break? Think you’ve got everything sorted and ready to go? Hold it right there!

We’ve got some travel essentials you’ll want to make room for in your suitcase - these will make your trip plane awesome!

1. AM/PM Formula

    Often when we travel, our bodies can get run down, stressed and exhausted from all the flights, hectic schedules and different environments. Not to worry though, our AM/PM has you covered!

    The AM formula helps your body adapt to stress, relieving tiredness and weakness, and boosts your immune system and energy levels. No more need to worry about catching a bug on the plane, or feeling drained after a long day of exploring!

    Even better, the PM formula is designed to improve sleep, and reduce tension and unrest, using Magnesium and Lavender - true powerhouse ingredients! Say goodbye to crappy sleeps, and hello to the new, rested, energised version of you! Because who doesn’t want to make the most of their holiday?!

    2. Skin + Digestion

    TFW you’re suffering from serioussssly dry skin when on holidays - from the plane, the heat, or the change in climate! It sucks, big time! But our Skin + Digestion can help!


    This formula contains Vitamins B2 and C to support skin health, and Zinc and Burdock to help heal any imperfections or skin conditions. This miracle vitamin also contains Turmeric and other ingredients to support digestion, and boost your metabolism.

    3. Mental Wellbeing + Skin Health + Joint Health - FISH OIL!

      Want to boost your skin health even more, for extra protection on those long haul flights? Our fish oil formula is for you! Supporting general health and wellbeing, along with emotional wellbeing and cognitive function, the omega-3 in this formula is amazing for skin health, and relieves inflammation and joint pain.

      So perfect for travel time!

      4. Detox + Debloat

        Last, but definitely not least, our Detox + Debloat formula is an essential to pack when you’re travelling! It supports liver health, cleansing and detoxification in the body - just in case you’re like us and have a tendency to have one too many wines while you’re on holidays! ;)

        This vitamin also relieves digestive discomfort, bloating, distention and inflammation - all super handy when it comes to tasting new or foreign foods which mayyy not quite sit well with you. 

        This way, you can have your cake and eat it too! No need to wing it, now you know you’ll be healthy, energised and ready for alllll the foods!

        Time flies when you’re travelling, so don’t waste a second feeling under the weather, bloated, exhausted or uptight. This combo is #winning!

        No need to bring your emotional baggage away with you - clothes, shoes, swimmers and your JSHealth vits will have you covered!

        Bon voyage!