Our top vitamins for vegans

VEGANS, we have so mushroom in our hearts for you, so we’ve come up with our top two recommendations for you to use to supplement your diet! These can help you get in your essential nutrients - and dw, these babies are 100% vegan-friendly!


Protein + Probiotics

Peas don’t kale my vibe - get on board with our delish Protein + Probiotics powders! With the choice of two scrummy flavours (Cookies & Cream, and Cinnamon Scroll - yassss pls!), these plant-based protein powders are amazing for your gut, and will pack a protein punch into your daily diet - perfect for any vegans struggling to meet their protein needs!

This vegan-friendly formula is damnnnn delicious - we love adding them to smoothies for breaky, or even just sipping on them mixed with nut milk or water for a nutritious snack!

Even better, they’re gluten-, dairy- and soy-free, and contain no added sugars, preservatives, or any of those nasties… We get you!

So pack in some protein and give your gut some love!


AM formula

It can B super tricky to get in your B vits as a vegan...

Luckily for you, we’ve packed some of these into our energising, immune-boosting AM formula!

This little gem contains Vitamin B5 to support your energy levels, nervous system health and general wellbeing, as well as Vitamin B6 to assist in the metabolism of proteins, healthy blood cell production, and general health.

And it keeps getting better… We’ve also added Vitamin B12! This is a notoriously difficult vitamin to get enough of with a plant-based diet, as it’s normally found in animal proteins! This miracle worker supports your blood health, immune system function, energy production and nervous system health - what a powerhouse!

This vegan formula is a must for all you plant-based eaters out there!

So give these babies a go, and lettuce know what you think!