Jess answers your most frequently asked questions…

Can vitamins and minerals make up for a poor diet?

- Vitamins can help with nutritional deficiencies and poor nutrient absorption, however they can't replace a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Who needs vitamins and supplements?

- Vitamins can be suitable for people looking to nourish their health, ensure they're getting enough nutrients, and focus on specific health concerns such as bloating, skin health etc

How are vitamins and supplements regulated?

- TGA in Australia - strict quality guidelines, limits to claims we can make, based off research and evidence
- Food products unregulated in Aus, so I recommend exercising caution when choosing products without an "AUST L" number if you're in Australia
- We go above and beyond to every ingredient in each of our vitamins is backed by research (eg. Hair - insert science behind the kelp)

How many vitamins can I take at once?

- Check in with your health professional to determine what is suitable for you

Do vitamins really do what you claim they do?

- Everything we claim our ingredients can achieve is supported by research! And if you want more proof, check out the incredible reviews we receive from thousands of people worldwide - the proof is right in front of you!

Individual results may vary, as with any supplement and medication, as each person is so unique! Please ensure you're always guided by your health professional as they can provide further investigation to assess if the formulas are suitable for your individual needs.