Iso impacting your sleep?

Isolation impacting your sleep? Not to worry, Jess is sharing her top four tips for enhancing sleep during iso, so you can feel all kinds of woke again!

Switch social media off by 8pm.

Don’t be mad! This is super important for your sleep! Your phone and laptop emit blue light, which can be incredibly disrupting for sleep. Considering how much our screen time has jumped during iso, is there any wonder we’re struggling to get to sleep?! Aim to switch off by 8-8.30pm every night, to give your body the chance to wind down, and spend some time being present with your loved ones instead!


Stick to one coffee, before 10am.

Again, hold your horses! We aren’t saying you need to ditch coffee altogether, because that would be insanely TITF, but we are saying to stick to one coffee per day, enjoyed before 10am. Caffeine is a stimulant, and can stay in your system for hours, so best to stick to caffeine-free drinks after this time, so it’s not affecting your sleep at night!


Put your legs up against the wall before bed.

Get ready to sleep like a baby! Lie on your back, with your legs up against the wall and breathe deeply, for just 10 minutes before bed. Sounds weird, but have faith - this soothes the nervous system and activates your parasympathetic nervous system, also known as your ‘rest and digest’ function. So obvs, it’s fab for a dreamy sleep!


Get smart with your supps!

Jess SWEARS by smart supplementing when it comes to securing that sublime sleep! Every evening, she takes a JSHealth PM vitamin, a calming blend of Magnesium and Lavender, as well as her Anxiety + Stress vitamin (containing calming Chamomile) after dinner, and she sleeps soundlessly almost every night!

Get on board, friends, this combo is a game-changer!

Sweet dreams xxx