How to navigate the Christmas table

Ho ho ho! How is it that time of year again?! But here’s news: the holidays don’t have to be stressful!

After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

So this Christmas, navigate the lunch (or dinner, whatever floats your boat) table like a boss with these tips!


Pop your Metabolism + Sugar Support in the morning

This vitamin is the goods! It helps with the metabolism of glucose (fancy term for sugar), which can reduce those cravings we all know too well. Not to say that you shouldn’t be having any sugar - by all means, eat that Christmas pudding! This vitamin may just help you avoid going too overboard...because you’re sweet enough already (wink emoji).


Enjoy a protein-rich snack before your Christmas lunch

All too often we think we need to “save” our eating for later. Do you ever find yourself avoiding eating all day before an event, so you can “afford” to eat when you get there? It’s time to put this to bed! Do yourself a favour and enjoy a protein-rich snack like a boiled egg, some veggie sticks dipped in nut butter, some cheese and tomato skewers or a handful of nuts and Greek yoghurt two to three hours before any event. This will stabilise your blood sugar levels, giving you energy and reducing your chances of overeating and falling into that food coma! 


Wanting to get into the ‘spirit’ of Christmas? 

By all means! But please keep a few of these tips in mind. 

  • Water water water! Alcohol is extremely dehydrating, and if you don’t drink enough water, your hangover is guaranteed to be ten times worse the next day… big nope. Drink at least a glass of water before each alcoholic drink to stay hydrated! 
  • Stick to spirits. Enjoy a vodka lime and soda or even better, a vodka kombucha! These are less energy-dense and contain less sugar than cocktails, which can also help prevent the nasty hangover.
  • Sip slowly and make your drinks last. This will help you consume less over the whole period. Aim to enjoy no more than two or three drinks at once. We don’t want any ‘One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor’ this Chrissy!


Enjoy the company! 

Talk to people outside and mingle. You don’t need to be constantly standing next to the buffet table. No one likes a lurker... When you end up standing next to the table, you open yourself up to mindless eating. Think of this tip as a good excuse to meet and chat with new people. 


Put what you want on your plate! 

Yes, even the less nutritious festive foods. This is part of enjoying the holiday period! I know you’re probably sick of hearing it - but everything in moderation!! It can be done, believe it or not. If you forbid yourself from trying any of the desserts, you’ll only want them more. Be kind to yourself this year!

Practice mindful eating. Ensure you’re always sitting down when you eat and chew slowly, appreciating the textures and flavours. This will help you tune in to your hunger and satiety signals.

What foods to start with: Don’t stress about it, it’s Christmas! Enjoy and relax, balance is key to the healthy life!