How to love your gut with our JSHealth Vitamins

Unsure which of our products will help your gut feel incred? Dw, we’ve got you covered with this foolproof guide to a good gut!

STEP 1: Gut Health + Immunity - JSHealth Probiotic

TAKE THIS IF YOU HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS: a desire to feel incredible, and have a healthy gut!

This probiotic is your #1 essential for gut love! It is the foundation of good gut health! Our Gut Health + Immunity formula contains three carefully-chosen strains of probiotics which maintain and support good gut bacteria, gastrointestinal health, digestive function, bowel function and immune system function.

If there’s one formula to add to your routine to give your gut some love, this should be it!

STEP 2: Detox + Debloat

TAKE THIS IF YOU HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS: bloating, flatulence, distention or constipation.

Detox + Debloat is designed to improve bloating and other symptoms of an unhappy gut. It supports liver health, and detoxification and cleansing processes. The Milk Thistle, Fennel and Turmeric in the formula all relieve digestive discomfort, bloating and distention, as well as inflammation.

This formula is GREAT for helping your gut feel amazing, and will have you saying bye bye bloat before you know it!

OR Skin + Digestion

TAKE THIS IF YOU HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS: irregular bowel movements, digestive discomfort, constipation or diarrhea, IBS, flatulence

Our Skin + Digestion formula is so nurturing, it’s designed to heal and seal your gut. It supports skin health, connective tissue health, collagen formation and wound healing! It also relieves skin imperfections and eruptions, mild eczema and dermatitis - typically conditions associated with poor gut health!

Not only this, the Turmeric and Zinc in the formula relieve digestive discomfort and support gastrointestinal health, giving your gut some extra love!

STEP 3: Protein + Probiotics

Add this gem to a smoothie or use in your baking for a vegan-friendly, no nasties, damn delicious protein boost with some added love for your gut!



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