Here are 5 ways to boost your energy throughout the day!

Complex carbs
Don’t be a potato - get in your carbs!

Aim to include complex carbs with your meals for lasting energy! Complex carbs are starches, including wholegrains, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and corn, which are absorbed slowly by our bodies, meaning they don’t send our blood sugar levels sky rocketing through the roof!

These complex carbs are also high in fibre, which is great for digestive health and regulating glucose levels. Since these complex carbs are starchy and high-fibre, the glucose (natural sugars) they contain is released into the bloodstream slowly, keeping us fuller and more energised for a long time!

Yes, please!

While diets like keto claim to use fat as energy for your body, face facts: your body’s preferred source of energy is carbs! Fats can’t be fully absorbed as energy, and protein is meant to be a building block - which can be compromised if it’s being used as energy!

So get shopping for ya carbs, pronto!

Hair + Energy

Okay this vitamin is the MVP of energy boosters! Say goodbye to crappy energy drinks, energy shots, etc, and hello to the new kid on the block ;)

The JSHealth Hair + Energy formula contains iodine. (Pause for impact…..)

Okay, you prob don’t know what that means. We got you. Iodine regulates energy, and is essential for making the thyroid hormones which support your body’s production of energy! Basically, it’s a whole lotta important! So get popping!


Limit caffeine

Guys, guys, don’t hate! Trust us, stick to one coffee a day, and your energy levels will soar! 

Surprising, right? Coffee actually spikes your adrenaline and cortisol levels, so it might make you feel super energised for an hour, but then your energy will completely crash! Avoid the cycle - stick to one, enjoyed before midday, and then opt for caffeine-free teas or water for the rest of the day!


Our AM formula
We back baby! This formula is the bomb-dot-com! Containing adaptogens to help the body adapt to stress and relieve tiredness, and B-vits to support your nervous and immune systems and energy levels, this formula is an all rounder!

It will boost your energy levels and keep them steady alllll day long! You’re welcome! There really is no better way to start the day! So let’s make like Kylie Jenner and #riseandshine!

Snack between meals

Eating on the reg can help keep your energy levels stable - especially when your snacks include a lean source of protein and some of those complex carbs we just raved on about!

Think snacks like an apple with some nut butter, Greek yoghurt with berries, or carrots and cheese… Need inspo? The JSHealth App has more than 500 healthy, simple recipes to inspire you - including a whole lotta snacks! Give it a go today!

So next time you’re feeling lowwww in energy, give these tips a go! #winning