Do you really know why you’re taking that B-complex?

B vitamins are so important for your health and wellbeing. To be at your best your body needs you to constantly replenish your supply… but do you know why they’re so important?

Your B vits are your water-soluble vitamins, so any excess you consume will be excreted in your urine. Yes, this will turn your pee a brighter shade of yellow. And no, dw, it doesn’t mean you’re dehydrated. It just means some B vitamins are safer to consume at higher doses than other vits, but they require you to consume them more regularly since your body can’t store them for long.

These vitamins are the B all and end all! 

Energy Production

Many B vitamins are involved in every step of your body’s energy-generating process. A deficiency in any B vitamin is bad news for this process… say bye bye, energy! Active forms of certain B vitamins are essential for converting your food into energy. How cool is that?

Liver Support

Okay, we’re not saying you can just pop some B vitamins after a night on the wines and miraculously reverse any damage. Sorry, not sorry! A deficiency in water-soluble vitamins (mainly the Vitamin B-complex) is common in chronic liver disease, so de-liver some love to your liver and swallow those vitamins on the reg!

Brain Function

We’re about to blow your mind… B vitamins are essential for every aspect of your brain function. B vitamins play a major role in promoting long-term brain function throughout your life.  Vitamin B1 is essential for the healthy growth and function of organs, including your brain, while B5 is also vital for brain health.

Stress and Anxiety

Netflix and Chill not quite cutting it? We have another solution to relieve your stress! B vitamins such as folate, B6 and B12 are needed to convert amino acids in the body into proteins. If you don’t have enough B vitamins in your body, you could experience high levels of homocysteine; an amino acid produced in a state of inflammation. This can lead to heart problems, increased stress and an imbalance of antioxidants in your body. 

Skin and Digestion

What don’t the B vitamins do?! B2 is incred for skin health, while B5 helps metabolise fats, protein and carbs, and B6 is amazing for supporting the health of your nervous system! Aaaaand (drumroll please), that’s why we’ve included these in our Skin + Digestion formula! This vitamin is so effective in achieving glowing skin, reducing inflammation and relieving digestive discomfort! And now you know how important it will always B to get in those vits, what are you waiting for?!


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