Bloat Be Gone! How to debloat your belly

The uncomfortable puffiness, the swollen feeling, the hard stomach, the feeling like your skin is stretching to accommodate the meal you just ate… sound familiar? Yeahhh, nah. You don’t need that! 
While it’s not uncommon to feel bloated after a meal occasionally, and your tummy may distend throughout the day as you eat and drink, it becomes an issue when this gets painful and uncomfy. Let’s be real here, no one enjoys that feeling. 

But don’t stress, you can reduce the severity of that bloat in the blink of an eye if you follow these tips:

  1. Manage your stress - stress and anxiety affect the function of your stomach and colon… so chill out! Your mental health can really impact your gut, so think about minimising stress by running a warm bath, reading a book, or sipping on some herbal tea.

  2. Rethink that onion and garlic - we know, you hate us for even daring to suggest it, but both garlic and onion are part of a food group called FODMAPs - short-chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the gut. These can result in bloating, diarrhea, all that fun stuff… 

  3. Yoga - fun fact: the stretching and twisting motions in yoga can help manage bloating and stomach aches! That’s right, get the downward dog going, thank us later!

  4. Detox + Debloat - can’t stomach the bloat for another moment? Luckily we have created the perfect solution for you! This formula contains milk thistle and broccoli extract to naturally detoxify your liver, while containing fennel and turmeric to relieve digestive discomfort, bloating and inflammation. Get onto it, fam!

  5. Pop a probiotic - probiotics are fab for making you poop on the reg, improving intestinal health, and reducing bloating and discomfort. Chat to your health professional to find a good quality one that is suitable for you - there’s no one size fits all approach here! There are no CONS to PRObiotics!

  6. Hold your horses! - eating quickly and shovelling down your food as though you’ll never eat again can cause bloating and gas. Instead, slow down, sit down, take a few deep breaths and remove all distractions when you eat alllll the foods!

Yep, it sucks feeling like you’ve swallowed a balloon, but give these a go and say bye to the bloat!