Bad sleeper? We have a solution!

Tired of not being able to sleep?

We know the feeling. Especially at such a busy time of year, it can be all too easy to neglect sleep - after all, what sounds more fun: Christmas drinks with the gals, or a long, good night’s sleep? Actually you’re right, screw FOMO, a good sleep sounds so. Damn. Good… #GrandmaLife

Many of us also suffer from poor sleep quality, so we’ve come up with some dreamy solutions to make sure you’re getting enough, good-quality sleep to fuel your body and get you up and at ‘em!

  1. Exercise! Daily exercise helps improve sleep - just avoid working out too close to bedtime, so your adrenaline isn’t pumping as you’re trying to close your eyes…
  2. Limit coffee and alcohol! Stick to one coffee per day, before midday, to avoid disrupted sleep. Also watch your alcohol intake, as this can lead to a shocking sleep - we’ve all been there, so stoked at how quickly we drift off after a night of drinking, only to wake at 3am the next morning, wide awake and feeling unrested… Thanks but no thanks. Moderation is key!
  3. Add our PM: Sleep + Calm formula into your life. This is the real MVP! This vitamin contains Lavender, which calms the mind, relieves and improves restless sleep, and has been traditionally used in western herbal medicine to support the nervous system. Even better, we’ve added Magnesium, which helps relax you, maintains energy levels, and maintains general health, muscle and cardiovascular function. These miracle ingredients are what dreams are made of! ;)
  4. Establish a nighttime routine! Whether this involves taking a warm bath, reading a book, or lightly stretching, having a routine helps your body recognise it’s time to wind down. Even better, switch your phone off at least an hour before bedtime to help improve the quality of your sleep!
  5. Prioritise sleep! Aim to get to bed around the same time each day, to support your circadian rhythm and allow you to get in that 7-9 hours every night. Because news flash: one night of 8 hours just won’t cut it!

Give these suggestions a go - before you know it, sleeping will come so naturally, you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed! 😂