A message from Jess

Hi angels,
Feeling anxious in isolation? 
Many of us are feeling so out of control right now - especially without our usual schedules, exercise routines and eating habits. Anxiety can start to creep up on us without this structure and normality. I’m a serial perfectionist with myself and find I can be SO hard on myself when my usual routine is taken away from me!
So I wanted to reach out and say please, don’t feel alone. We are all trying to adjust to this new normal. Allow yourself to feel all your emotions: sadness, moodiness, sensitivity, loving, anger and disappointment. Accepting and surrendering to these emotions actually calms them a little. I promise you are not alone! 💖
This will pass. I hope JSHealth can help you find that little bit of balance and reassurance during this journey. As a nutritionist, what I know for sure is that the small tweaks, adjustments and goals are more powerful than you can imagine. Just focus on making 1-2 small healthy additions each week.
So for this long weekend, I encourage you to implement some of these tips to nurture yourself and nourish your mental health:

  • Switch your phone off by 8:30pm

  • Move your body in ways you love for 20 minutes daily - try the NEW workouts which just landed in the JSHealth App if you need some inspo!

  • Cook a nourishing, wholesome meal

  • Facetime your loved ones! Even if you can't be with them this weekend, you can still connect!

  • Get some fresh air! Set aside time each day to go for a walk around the block, or through the park!

  • Remove the pressure! Don't expect yourself to feel happy, positive and energetic at all times - it's okay to have down, unproductive moments!

  • Take time to rest! Watch your favourite Netflix show or movie (can recommend Bridesmaids!!), or read a book, and enjoy some time out.

We are here for you! Sending love angels! 💖