5 Common Myths You’ve Likely Heard About Vitamins

Who you gonna call?? JS MYTH BUSTERS!!

We've pulled out some of our most frequently asked questions... and we're here to bust them for you. We don't want to scare you away (although Halloween IS coming up) but instead educate you on the beauty of being human and all being different and individual people 🙌

Our first myth will sum this up for you. 

1. Vitamins will work the same for everyone

This comes up a lot! This is like saying, if an iron supplement gave you heaps of energy, it will do the same for everyone. But let’s be real: we are all lacking in different vitamins, and absorb nutrients differently to those around us. 

So if you start popping Vitamin C when you already have enough in your system, it won’t really have any benefit - it’s just creating expensive pee! However, if your friend is lacking it, they might feel awesome after starting on some supps.

So don’t compare yourself to others, or self-diagnose on Google (that's always a bad idea, we’ve all done it)...


2. Vitamins won’t interact with medication.

If you’re on medication for a specific condition, you have to be super cautious of any other products you’re taking at the same time. We know that two different drugs can interact with each other, and so too can vitamins and drugs.

Do your research - don’t just assume you can wing it, pop a bunch of pills and sit back and wait for amazing results, with no side-effects!


3. Vitamins are bad, you should rely on food

Absolutely, food should be your first port of call for solving nutrient deficiencies. HOWEVER, vitamins still definitely have a place in helping ensure we are getting adequate amounts of specific nutrients.

For example, magnesium. Due to the poor soil quality in Australia, it is almost impossible to get enough magnesium from our diets alone. Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 metabolic reactions in the body (AKA, it’s SUPER important) so supplementing with magnesium definitely has a bunch of benefits!

Our Metabolism + Sugar Support, and PM formulas both have magnesium in them for that reason - and because of how amazing it is for our bodies!

And again, for vegans, it can be difficult to get enough vitamins into your diet - here’s another place where vitamins can help! Vitamins aren’t the devil in disguise - especially our no-nasties ones!


4. The more the merrier!

It’s so important to check the ingredients and doses of all your supplements. Heaps of us take a multivitamin, along with a zinc, iron, Vitamin C or Vitamin B supplement. Stop right there! Just like a vitamin deficiency can be dangerous, so too can having excess quantities of a vitamin. Too much of a good thing, right?

Only take vitamins that are targeted for your specific needs (just like the JSHealth vitamins! *wink wink*)


5. The higher the dose, the faster the effects.

If this were true, we would be giving you guys bath-bomb sized tablets... but that's just not practical or effective. In Hair + Energy's case, two aren’t better than one.

Our Hair + Energy vitamins contain a therapeutic dose of iodine, which is above the recommended minimum daily intake, but below the upper limit according to Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand. Doubling up, or taking more than the directed dose of any vitamins can lead to vitamin toxicity - it’s a no from us! 


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