4 ways to use our protein


  • It’s really important that, when having a smoothie as a meal, it’s balanced and contains each essential macronutrient. Often you don’t feel as full after a meal that you haven’t chewed. Liquid foods tend to be consumed at a faster rate, and can interfere with the brain's satiety signals. This is where protein comes into play! Add a serving of our JSHealth Protein + Probiotics powder to keep you fuller for longer!


  • Oats are rich in a type of fibre called beta glucan. Fibre can be helpful for regulating bowel movements, stabilising blood sugar levels and supporting cholesterol levels. However, many people struggle to feel full after a bowl of oats, so adding a serving of protein powder can be a great way to keep you going for the morning, so you feel full and satiated until your next meal.


  • We all love a sweet baked good, you can’t go past this with a cuppa tea in the afternoon. However, baked treats are often high in sugar and low in protein. Why not give those blood sugar levels some extra support, and add a serve of protein powder into the mixture.


  • Greek yoghurt is not only a great source of calcium, but also contains strains of bacteria which can support your gut health by replenishing the good bacteria. Some brands can be lower in protein than others. To boost the protein content, add a serving of the JSHealth Protein + Probiotics powder for the ultimate gut-loving snack. Add some cinnamon, berries and a handful of nuts to make it a more substantial snack!