4 Ways to Manage Joint Pain

It’s time to stop suffering in silence! Joint pain can be caused from things such as underlying diseases, overuse of joints, over-exercising, sprains and strains. It can feel like a dull ache, a burning sensation or even just excessive pressure on your joints. 

In a joint effort, we’re going to help you manage that pain by following the tips below! 

  • JSHealth Fish Oil
  • Our Fish Oil contains triple strength omega-3 fatty acids which are highly anti-inflammatory and can help to relieve mild joint pain, soreness and stiffness. Including omega-3s in your diet leads to a reduced production of a certain cell type that produces inflammation. Not to mention, this fab formula is vanilla scented, so you can get all those essential fishy oils, without the aftertaste! Winning!

  • Turmeric
  • Curcumin, the main active ingredient in Turmeric, possesses a variety of anti-inflammatory properties by suppressing inflammatory markers. Turmeric contains anti-arthritic properties, and helps regulate your body’s production of collagen. Enjoy this delicious spice in curries, stir fries, scrambled eggs and casseroles for an extra anti-inflammatory hit.

  • Treat yourself to a massage!
  • Who doesn’t want a good excuse to get a massage? Massage therapy is gaining interest as a therapeutic management approach for arthritis and its associated symptoms. Massaging works by increasing blood circulation to your muscles, which in turn promotes the delivery of nutrients around your body. Massages can help to relieve muscle strain, balance muscle tension, increase joint flexibility and improve lymphatic circulation.

  • Magnesium 
  • Low dietary Magnesium intake is related to elevated CRP levels in your body. This is a protein which is sent into your blood in response to inflammation. Inflammation plays an important role in the development of arthritis and joint pain, so you want to aim to include more Magnesium into your diet to manage these symptoms. How? Eat your wholegrains, green leafy veggies, black beans, cashews, avocado and dark chocolate - they’re all fantastic sources of this incredible mineral! Magnesium is also found in our PM+ Vitamin or our Magnesium+ Vitamin.


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