4 Tips For Recovering From An "Unhealthy" Weekend.

Had a big weekend? Oh we’ve been there, we’ve felt your pain (TBH, feeling it RN…)! Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some handy hints to help you bounce back better than ever!

  1. Don’t deprive or restrict yourself! Yeah, you might have gone ham on the Christmas pudding, or one too many wines, but that’s okay! Just forgive yourself for it, and try to make healthy choices today! Do not restrict your calories for the next few days, or aim to skip meals to make up for it. That is NOT #balance! Forgive yourself for going overboard, and just aim to eat healthily going forwards!

  2. Metabolism + Sugar Support. Guys, this may just be the miracle solution to how you’re feeling RN. This formula contains Chromium, Magnesium and Zinc to boost your metabolism and energy levels, and Cinnamon and Gymnena to support blood sugar levels. So you know those pesky sugar cravings that are ruling your life now you’ve been overindulging a bit? Be gone! Say goodbye to cravings and hello to a faster metabolism - because yes, we really do love you ;)

  3. Use each meal as a chance to start afresh! Think of each meal as a new opportunity to make healthy choices! #TheCleanLife! If you ate the entire cake at your last meal, then YOLO, that’s fine, but don’t write the rest of the day off! Just accept it, move on, and do better at your next meal!

  4. AM + PM. Yes, us again, bringing you an absolutely incredible product to help in this time of need! Our AM + PM multivitamin is a game changer! The AM formula helps your body adapt to stress, relieves tiredness and fatigue, and also supports your immune system, nervous system AND energy levels. What doesn’t this baby do?! Then, our PM formula improves sleep, and calms mild anxiety and restlessness, because if you’ve gotten in your zzzzzs, you’re less likely to reach for the sugary options in front of you, and more likely to make healthy choices!

Or, if you’re a smart cookie and are keen to try the AM + PM and the Metabolism + Sugar Support, give our Holiday Kit a go. You’ll even get a bonus Detox + Debloat - because no one likes feeling unbearably uncomfortable! You’re welcome xx