4 Nutrients to Improve Skin Health

Beauty starts on the inside! While we know beauty sleep is key for getting you glowy on the outside, as well as the inside, these nutrients can help you achieve that healthy, radiant skin we all lust after! #goals

  • Zinc
  • Did you know that your skin is the third most Zinc-rich tissue in your body? Many skin conditions can be managed with Zinc intake. Zinc can help relieve acne, pimples and other minor skin eruptions. 

    Add it to your skincare routine ASAP!

  • Vitamin E
  • Ever wondered why Vitamin E is in so many skincare products? This is a seriously important antioxidant thanks to its boss anti-inflammatory properties! It has been found to protect your skin cells from damage, including sun damage.

  • Vitamin C
  • This beautiful antioxidant is a natural collagen booster! Vitamin C supports skin and connective tissue health and helps with wound healing.

    This will give you more zest for life!

    Now… get excited, because all three of the nutrients we’ve mentioned so far can be found in our Skin + Digestion formula! You’ll have skin the likes of Gigi Hadid and JLo before you know it!

  • Probiotics
  • And the cherry on top of your skincare routine to further boost that glow?

    The JSHealth Gut Health + Immunity Probiotic supports intestinal friendly gut flora, immunity and bowel regularity AND relieves constipation. 

    The connection to your skin? A healthy gut is super important for flawless skin - you can literally see internal health reflected on the outside! 

    Also, ever noticed how completely crap your skin feels while travelling, or on a long haul flight? Luckily, our probiotic is shelf-stable - perfect for the plane! Say goodbye to those aeroplane breakouts and dry patches! 

    We just have a gut feeling about this one!